How to Approach Amazon's Rolling Long Term Storage Fees

amazon files Aug 13, 2018
Something is on the horizon that will NEGATIVELY IMPACT the profit you earn in your Amazon business. This is not something you want to sweep under the rug and ignore. 

For years, Amazon has charged sellers long-term storage fees every six months (February and August). Sellers like you could get away with paying minimal monthly storage fees on items collecting dust in Amazon's warehouses. Amazon's warehouses were stuffed to the gills with long tail inventory - items that...
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Top Do’s and Don’ts When Selling on Amazon

amazon files Aug 06, 2018

Are you considering selling on Amazon or just starting out? In our latest episode of The Amazon Files we will discuss the Top Do’s and Dont’s when you are first starting out. These are also great refreshers for those who have been selling for awhile.

What we cover:

  • Policies and Agreements
  • How to Take Photos of your products
  • Retail Arbitrage
  • Smart Sourcing



Resources Mentioned:

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Why Accountability is Essential to Grow Your Amazon Business

amazon files podcast Jul 23, 2018

As humans, we all tend to struggle with things like motivation, procrastination, and fear. Often, we need an outside nudge to step out of our comfort zone or someone to check in with us and help celebrate our progress. In these instances, an accountability partner can play a significant role in your growth as an entrepreneur and the growth of your business.

This episode is part of our Inner Entrepreneur Series. We discuss the five ways an accountability partner will help you conquer your...

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Amazon FBA Selling Mistakes to Avoid in Q4

amazon files Jul 16, 2018

Are you new to Q4 (October November, December selling season) or are looking to improve your sales from last year? Great! Us too... so we thought we’d share some tips and tools for preparing for selling on Amazon in Q4 and a few crucial mistakes to avoid so you are prepared to have your best Q4 ever!



Resources Mentioned:

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STOP Being the Roadblock in Your Business

amazon files podcast Jul 09, 2018

As business owners, we are often our own worst enemy when it comes to achieving our goals, reaching our dreams, and creating the success we desire. We talk a lot about how to run a business, but it is also important to talk about the person behind the business. Your mindset, whether positive or negative, can be the single most important determining factor that can help you achieve your goals - or hold you back.

This episode is part of our Inner Entrepreneur Series. We discuss the top three...

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What to Sell on Amazon in 2018

amazon files Jul 02, 2018

Do you want to learn how to find products that will sell well on Amazon? During  our 20 years of combined e-commerce experience, we can't wait to share what’s selling on Amazon in 2018. On this episode we talk about:

  • Top 10 Reasons people buy on Amazon
  • Understanding Amazon Prime buyers
  • Product list of items that are selling well this year in 2018



Resources Mentioned:

Policies and Agreements:...

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How to Improve Your Amazon Listings to Increase Profits with Cordelia Blake

amazon files Jun 25, 2018

Cordelia Blake is the CEO of Scanner Society, an online community for Amazon sellers wanting to improve their growth, succeed on Amazon, and share ideas, tips, and strategies with other Amazon sellers. She has been successfully selling on Amazon since 2013 and has extensive experience with online arbitrage, wholesale bundles, and private label retail. In addition to running the online community as well as her Amazon business, she offers coaching programs and workshops to help other Amazon...

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Top 10 Resources to Grow Your Amazon Business

amazon files Jun 18, 2018

Running a business is a balancing act. Having brilliant ideas about how to grow your Amazon business is great, but without the right tools and resources that would help you get, keep, and stay organized, you will be wasting time and money along the way. Insure the growth of your business -- start getting organized today.

In this episode, we’re sharing the resources that we use in our Amazon business. We’re sharing free and inexpensive software and apps that can make your lives...

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Success Story: How Michele Butler Quit Her 9-5 Job of 22 Years to Sell on Amazon Full Time

Michele is a mom and wife who quit her day job of 22 years to start her own Amazon business. She used to work in senior management for a large company before she took the plunge to be a full-time Amazon business owner. Today, she lives in Orlando, Florida with her family - watching her child grow - and spending as much time as she wants with them.

Michele joins us on this episode to share what urged her to finally give up her day job to be a full-time Amazon business owner. She shares why...

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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Selling on Amazon

amazon files Jun 04, 2018

Many believe that experience is the best teacher. While it may be for some, the downside is that once the mistake has been made, you can never undo it. For this reason, it is best to listen and learn from somebody else’s mistake to make sure you don’t go down the same path as you strive to grow your Amazon business.

Today, we’re sharing the top mistakes to avoid on your Amazon business. We share our stories, the mistakes we’ve made and the lessons we learned from them...

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