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Meet the Wholesale Bundle Queen
Kristin Ostrander 

A dynamic Amazon selling mom who dedicates her energy to helping others start and scale businesses on Amazon using the signature Wholesale Bundle System™. With more than 17 years of e-commerce experience, Kristin is fully equipped to teach the necessary skills online sellers need to take their business to a more advanced level.
With a unique wholesale bundle approach to Amazon backed by a proven Wholesale Bundle Framework™, She has generated over $5 million in online sales. 

Let's Get Ready to Bundle!

Learn how to sell with confidence and cultivate lasting connections with support unlike anywhere with Mommy Income.

The place where Amazon sellers or aspiring Amazon sellers go to own their buy box, end price wars, and kick listing hijackers off - FOR GOOD!

Mommy Income was started with one sole mission:

To help as many moms (dads are welcome too) reach financial freedom, achieve success, and live out their bucket list dreams - doing the things they love - without sacrificing their family, friends, or faith. 

Because the truth is starting or scaling an Amazon business is not reserved only for those with a business degree, Amazon gurus, expert marketers, or large companies. 

Anyone with a passion to learn, grow and scale to reach their desires - no matter the location, domestic or international - can start and scale their Amazon FBA business with creative bundles, valuable connections, and serious conversations. 

Mommy Income is a global group of #supermoms and #superdads who have a passion for obtaining the best life for their family and themselves without sacrificing what they value most - family, freedom, and faith!

The Fierce Team - that makes all the magic happen!

We are a small and mighty crew. We are dedicated to equipping you with the information you need to lead you to where you long to be in your Amazon business.

Kristin Ostrander - Founder & CEO

Married with 3 unique and fun children, Kristin began her journey in eCommerce in 2003 with eBay as her starting place. After falling in love with online selling, growth was a natural next step but it wasn’t easy. With small kids underfoot and her husband in commercial construction, it was always feast or famine in regard to both time and money. Kristin was determined to stay home to raise her family and earn an income at the same time. On a shoestring budget, she had to learn how to earn an income to help with household bills and grow her business at the same time. 
Adding Amazon to her journey in 2008 was the turning point. Amazon was exploding as the world’s largest eCommerce website and that allowed for greater opportunity for growth. Slow and steady Kristin began to grow her small business into something a bit bigger than expected. 

After generously sharing her knowledge in several Facebook groups and webcasts she knew it was time to start her own web show about Amazon selling.
On her birthday in 2014 Mommy Income was born. With live streaming weekly broadcasts, there was no limit to how many people she could help. Kristin's goal is to help 1 million people start and grow a business that supports a life they want to live. She wasted no time starting a Facebook group, creating weekly Youtube videos, recording The Amazon Files Podcast, creating courses and cultivating a membership group in order to reach that goal. You can read more of Kristin’s story in her book, Dream Big, Step Small.
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Jenny Sanchez - Business Manager 

A free-spirited traveler, missionary, and nature enthusiast. Jenny is passionate about helping others, building community, and writing. At Mommy Income, Jenny fiercely communicates our mission and helps our students succeed through amazing content sharing.  
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Bernadette Baterina - Virtual Assistant

All things Amazon, from seller support to data management, are her jam! Bernadette is a #supermom of 3, and there is nothing this lovely lady can’t handle.
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Sydney Storto - Podcast Editor

Sydney is a wife, mom, and desert girl with a big heart for creativity and determination. Top skills include media arts, wedding videography, and ministry projects. She is honored to be the podcast editor for the team at Mommy Income and to be a part of the journey of what God has in store!

Our Mission

This is the place where Amazon sellers or aspiring Amazon sellers go to own their buy box, end price wars, and kick listing hijackers off - FOR GOOD!
Mommy Income was started with one sole mission:
To help as many moms (dads are welcome too) reach financial freedom, achieve success, and live out their bucket list dreams - doing the things they love - without sacrificing their family, friends, or faith. 
Act with Integrity
Integrity is more than just creating trust and building authority in our community. It’s our superpower - not just our core principle but our most valued asset. We consistently choose to take every action with value, respect, and honesty.
Be Boundless
Powerful small, consistent steps turn into successful giant leaps. So be strong and courageous to try something new and give yourself permission to be a beginner, permission to fail, and permission to get back up. We are here to help you through it all.
Start with Authenticity
When starting something new, the key is to start with authenticity - be yourself. You are more than enough. Don’t worry about what others are currently doing or have perfected. The truth is they didn’t start there, so here we’ll strive for true transparency so you’ll get no fluff or sugar-coating, but real honest truth about running your own business.
Enjoy the Journey
Every day in everything you do, enjoy the journey while moving forward. Celebrate the small wins, always be thankful and surround yourself with a supportive and loving community. You are not alone on this journey so remember that the joy is in every step you take or person you meet along your journey, not the end destination. 

Student Success Stories

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Stay at Home Mom takes Amazon Biz to 6 Figures

Too busy to start or grow a business? Michelle manages a busy household and still managed to grow her Amazon FBA business from ZERO to six figures in just 14 months.

Hear Her Story
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A New Career After 50 with Wholesale Bundles

Have you ever considered yourself unemployable because of you age? Suzie shares her story of how she found a way to break the age barrier and carve out her own career path with Amazon FBA.

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It is Possible to Leave Your 9-5 JOB Behind

Need some inspiration to take that next step? Meet Michele who quit her 9-5 job of 22 years to grow her Amazon business full time from home.

Hear Her Story

Our Philosphy

Proven strategies, techniques, and methods? Yep, that’s what we stand for and deliver with no fluff training!
But before leading with golden value, we know the struggle is real, and running an Amazon business is not always a walk in the park. So we start with truth, honesty, and what you truly need to succeed as an Amazon seller because we know that success is not achieved overnight.
Starting and growing an Amazon business requires passion, consistency, and intentional practices. By providing our students with a unique framework and personalized support, we believe that you create your own path to personal freedom and achieve all your desires. 

Learn with Us

There are many ways to learn with us depending on where you are on your Amazon journey. We're equipped to provide the information you need to get you from where you are now to where you long to be in your business.

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The Amazon Files Podcast is a weekly show full of Amazon selling tips and fun with tough love nudges to get you moving in the right direction. This show isn't about sugar-coated reality. It’s real truth - the good, the bad and the ugly - shared with a dose of laughter. With over 200 episodes, there is no shortage of information you can use right now. 

Listen Now
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Start FBA Today

In Start FBA Today, you'll learn everything you need to build the foundation for a successful Amazon business from setting your business to sending in your first shipment. No fluff, no confusion just instant access to step by step online videos that get your started on your Amazon journey and produce results.

Learn More
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Wholesale Bundle System

Our Wholesale Bundle System™ gives you access to bundle creation strategies that actually bring results. By creating unique product bundles using wholesale distributors we were able to double our sales within the first year all while eliminating direct competition. Wholesale bundling is your answer to creating a sustainable and scalable business on Amazon. 

Learn More

The full story of Mommy Income...

Founded in 2014 by Kristin Ostrander, her inspiration came after living and seeing the struggle moms go through in gaining financial freedom, work/life balance, and living out their bucket list dreams. 
Kristin noticed that while there are many amazing, brilliant, and authentic #supermoms out there, many still think they have to do it all on their own. So they fight the urge to ask for help, bend over backward to gain work/life balance, financial stability, and live a life they desire. This did not sit well with her. 
And as a fellow mom of 3, successful multiple 7-figure business owner (confession - not an overnight success) of over 18 years of e-commerce experience, author, and business owner, she had to do something about it. 
She wants to show #supermoms that it is possible to build an Amazon business, scale it and have financial freedom without sacrificing what they love most. 
So she stepped out from behind the scenes of running her Amazon FBA business and started the Amazon Files Podcast powered by Mommy Income and her YouTube Channel. 
The goal? To unite the most fantastic team of supermoms worldwide and teach them the strategies, techniques, and work/life balance secrets she used to build a heart-centered, authentic, fun-filled business from the ground up…
And show moms that selling on Amazon doesn’t need to be hard, and success is obtainable even while raising a family. 
Kristin expanded her one-women Amazon business school by hiring a fierce, passionate crew of talented, unique, and fabulous women to help create and cultivate a safe, like-minded environment that supports #supermoms like you to start and scale a legitimate, authentic Amazon business. 
Soon, Mommy Income began to grow, grasping the attention of aspiring and veteran Amazon FBA business owners with a fire in their souls looking to learn, scale, and grow. 
In 2016, we launched our first online Amazon business course with the Wholesale Bundle System where we teach you the specific skills, strategies, and techniques that new or current Amazon FBA business owners need to skyrocket their business. 
The response was overwhelmingly positive that we decided to give endless support to our amazing students through our signature, exclusive membership program - The Amazon Files Hub - so that Amazon business owners had a safe place where they could ask specific questions about growing their company and get real-time support on challenges they are facing.
In the past three years, we have hosted 15 Confident Wholesale Bundlers Workshops - our live and in-person events, where hundreds of moms around the United States learned our proven methods to be confident bundlers in just three days.
The struggle is real, and so is success, but you don’t have to do it all alone. 
Through our podcast and YouTube Channel, online coaching programs, and live events -  we have helped over 200,000+ moms and veteran Amazon business owners create a legitimate and sustainable Amazon business model that genuinely helps them reach their life desires and financial freedom without sacrificing their family, friends or faith. 

This is the one true place where you won’t get any fluff, sugar coating, or insincere truths about running and scaling your Amazon business. Instead, you’ll receive actionable steps to start, grow, and scale your business with proven sustainable methods.

Welcome to Mommy Income!