[2020 Update] Amazon GTIN Exemption Listing Solutions

amazon listings Mar 02, 2020

2020 Update Amazon GTIN Exemption, UPC codes, Brand Registry, IP Accelerator and branded packaging for Amazon

Amazon is making changes, yet again. This time, product bundling on Amazon is at the crosshairs due to policy changes on GTIN exemption listings. But Amazon policies seem different for everyone - while some sellers go ungated, others get error messages for the same receipts and invoices. We hear you: it’s like Amazon doesn’t even follow its own rules! The struggle is real, but you need to ensure that you are compliant when it comes to listing bundles on Amazon to scale your online business.

In this episode, we share an overview of Amazon bundling rules and policies, what’s changed, and what you can do to ensure your Amazon business is compliant. We explain what GTIN is and illustrate how changes to it can affect bundling. We share alternatives and solutions to GTIN exemption listing on Amazon and discuss how you can leverage your relationships with your Amazon vendors to get Universal Product Codes. We also discuss why Amazon makes these policy changes as well as explain how to sell on Amazon without using big brand names.

“Changes on GTIN exemptions now require you to have packaging. It’s part of Amazon wanting to make the whole buyer experience better for its end-users.” - Amy Feierman

This week on the Amazon Files: 

  • What the GTIN exemption is and how it works
  • Changes with Amazon’s GTIN exemption policies, how they affect bundling, and why Amazon makes changes to their policies
  • Why you don’t need big brand names to make your Amazon bundles sell
  • What Universal Product Codes are and why generating random UPCs won’t work
  • How to use generic as a GTIN exemption on Amazon
  • Using your business relationship with vendors to get UPCs
  • Getting a trademark to get GTIN exemptions with brand packaging
  • How long it takes to get a GTIN exemption and trademark
  • Buying GS1 UPCs and other alternatives to custom packaging on Amazon
  • A faster way to get brand registry



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