Thrifting for Amazon - TOP 10 ITEMS TO LOOK FOR

podcast Apr 15, 2019

Thrifting is a great American pastime, and many people are using thrift items to resell. If this interests you, then you are likely wondering what to look out for and what items would turn a good profit. You might be unsure of the Amazon standards that relate to used and unused items, or perhaps you are already reselling thrift items on eBay and are considering doing the same on Amazon.

In this podcast, we share the do’s and don’ts of thrifting for Amazon. From yards sales, estate sales, and thrift stores, we reveal the top 10 things to watch for when thrifting. We share which items sell best and for the most profit as well as reveal the checks and tests that you should make when choosing thrift items. We also explain everything you need to know about used items, unopened items, collectibles, and new items. 

“Thrifting can be really lucrative and exciting if you do it correctly for each platform you plan to sell on.” - Kristin Ostrander


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{PODCAST] 5 Lessons You Can Learn From the Failure of Big Box Retailers

podcast Dec 31, 2018

Have you noticed all the Big Box Retailers going out of the business in the past 5 years? Shopping is making a huge shift and we all need to keep up with the latest information in order to stay in business. Today we want to discuss what we can learn from the stores that have gone out of business so that we can make sure to safeguard our own income and stay relevant in today's ever changing marketplace.

We can learn a lot from the failures of big box retailers like Toys ‘R’ Us. They demonstrate just how easy it is to run into trouble or go out of business. Over the last seven years, there has been a trend of big box retailers going out of business. It is undeniable that shopping is making a shift - and falling behind the current trends could lead to disaster.

If you are not an expert of the product lines or categories that you sell in your Amazon business, then it is easier than ever to follow the path of retailers that have fallen along the wayside.

So today we take a...

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PODCAST ONLY - Your 2018 Business Review

podcast Dec 24, 2018

This is a perfect time of year to reflect on the past and project where you see yourself in the future. Looking back on all that you’ve accomplished this past year and looking forward to the future of bigger and better dreams. This is a time to focus on what has happened and what could be. It can be magical!

With 2018 coming to an end, many Amazon business owners will be taking the time to reflect on the past year. Every entrepreneur experiences business successes and failures, and reflecting on failures can often be difficult. Some Amazon sellers will find it hard to know where to start when reviewing their yearly goals and accomplishments. It can be challenging to decide on the questions you should ask yourself, and you may not even understand why it’s important to reflect on your ‘wins’ and ‘losses’.

In this podcast, we share how you can reflect on the past year in your Amazon business. We explain why it’s important to reflect on your...

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Selling AMAZON FBA - How to Set Realistic Expectations and Goals for Amazon Success

podcast Nov 05, 2018

Are you constantly disappointed in your Amazon sales or maybe you had high hopes that have been deflated? 

This is the podcast for you! WE CAN FIX YOU UP!

Every business takes time and patience to grow and build. Having realistic expectations while selling on Amazon will help move you forward in a positive and consistent way.

Everyone wants to shoot for the moon when they set up their Amazon business but doing so may lead to unnecessary disappointment. If you set your goals and expectations too high in the beginning, then you will soon be wondering about what you are doing wrong. You should realize that you may not be doing anything wrong and you may just be setting your goals too high.

Today, we discuss how to set realistic expectations for Amazon selling success. We share our thoughts on how to set realistic expectations based upon where you are right now and the importance of celebrating your wins, even the small ones. We also explain how to become more efficient in your...

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Why Accountability is Essential to Grow Your Amazon Business

podcast Jul 23, 2018

As humans, we all tend to struggle with things like motivation, procrastination, and fear. Often, we need an outside nudge to step out of our comfort zone or someone to check in with us and help celebrate our progress. In these instances, an accountability partner can play a significant role in your growth as an entrepreneur and the growth of your business.

This episode is part of our Inner Entrepreneur Series. We discuss the five ways an accountability partner will help you conquer your business and personal goals, share advice on where you can find an accountability partner, and explain the qualities you should look for in a partner. We also explain how to set boundaries with them and why they do not have to be in the same business as you to be a great accountability partner.

"If you want to reach your maximum capacity, if you want to grow your business and personal life beyond more than you can even imagine, a good accountability partner is the number one thing that you need." -...

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STOP Being the Roadblock in Your Business

podcast Jul 09, 2018

As business owners, we are often our own worst enemy when it comes to achieving our goals, reaching our dreams, and creating the success we desire. We talk a lot about how to run a business, but it is also important to talk about the person behind the business. Your mindset, whether positive or negative, can be the single most important determining factor that can help you achieve your goals - or hold you back.

This episode is part of our Inner Entrepreneur Series. We discuss the top three roadblocks or excuses that might be stalling your business growth and adding to your stress. We share "how to" strategies, resources and tools you can use to help you overcome those roadblocks and move your business forward. We also share time-management techniques to help you get more accomplished throughout the day without feeling overwhelmed and explain how fear and procrastination can negatively impact your growth.

"Failure is part of the process. It’s not the opposite of success;...

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