Competition is a big deal, it’s unpredictable and can kill your bottom line. You can’t compete on price so how can you get one leg up? Stop competing! Competition is fierce in Amazon but we have found a way to greatly reduce and in most cases eliminate the competition altogether.

Competition can be a real hurdle to overcome in any business or industry. This certainly is the case in Amazon, where competitors can be as unpredictable as the market itself. The struggle is real: how...

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Amazon FBA Sellers Success Stories: Mommy Income Celebrates 5 years

You may think that building your own seven-figure business is impossible.

Maybe you don’t feel ready to take the first steps and have been delaying starting your new venture. Perhaps you believe the market is over-saturated with Amazon sellers and you won’t be able to truly make a full-time living from this endeavor. These feelings shouldn’t stand in your way, and while a successful business venture requires hard work and perseverance, there is room for you. It is possible...

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Amazon FBA Success Story: A New Career after 50

Have you ever considered yourself unemployable because of your age?

Did you graduate college decades ago but you feel stuck in a career you don’t want to do any more yet your education feels outdated? In this episode of the Amazon Files we are going to interview a very special lady who has felt these very things and has found a way to break the age barrier and carve out her own career path with Amazon FBA. There is hope in any situation and if a 50-something single mom...

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Stay-at-home Mom Makes 6 Figures Selling on Amazon FBA

There are countless reasons people make the decision to start a stay-at-home business. It may be that you have been laid off or you are working an 80-hour week that is creating stress and pressure, and crippling your lifestyle. Maybe you hate office politics, are being micromanaged, or simply don't like being told that you need to do this and that. All of these reasons probably have you asking what you need to do to become the next Amazon seller success story.

Today, we share Amy’s...

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Confused About Selling on Amazon - WHERE & HOW to Start a Business

SHOW LINK: http://www.mommyincome.com/START

Let us teach you!

- ACTION STEPS to conquer analysis paralysis and get your first shipment shipped into Amazon
- Helping you tackle overwhelm with STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO TUTORIALS, CHECKLISTS, and WORKSHEETS that you can watch or use over and over again.
-INSTRUCTION and MATERIALS you need to get your Amazon business up and running in a profitable direction.

We’ve put this show together to battle the confusion about selling on Amazon. If you Google...

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We hear from people every single day that are confused about selling on Amazon. There are endless Youtube videos, gurus and blogs pulling you every which way.

We are Kristin Ostrander and  Amy Feierman from MommyIncome.com and we have been selling on Amazon for over 10 years each. Between the two of us we have 22 years of ecommerce experience. Back before it was popular, we were selling products online. All the way back when ebay took paper checks and Amazon only sold used...

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Are you ready to make the plunge into selling online? Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform and if you are not selling there you are missing out on big profits. Come join us and learn more about how you can make your first $1000 in profit selling on Amazon in 2019.

The beginning of a new year is a turning point for many as they resolve to do better and be better. If starting your own business is one of your resolutions for 2019, know that you can easily make your first $1,000 dollars using...

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How to Start an Amazon Business in 2018 for $500 or less

Ever dream about starting your own business but you are afraid it costs too much money? Have you heard of selling on Amazon? Do you know if it is right for you? In this episode of the Amazon Files, we show you how you can start, and grow a successful Amazon FBA business with just $500 of startup capital in 2018.


Resources Mentioned:

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What to Expect During Your First Q4 on Amazon

Air Date: September 18, 2017

SHOW NOTES: http://www.mommyincome.com/buckleup

If this if this is your first Q4 selling season on Amazon, BUCKLE UP!
Get ready for a great ride. In This episode, we are going to help you understand and prepare for the upcoming selling frenzy that is about to occur!

Show Links/Details:

What to sell in Q4? http://www.mommyincome.com/Q4Jumpstart

Amazon Q4 Fees: http://www.mommyincome.com/Q4Fees

Join our Private Facebook Group
http://www.mommyincome.com/joinus bring...

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Top Mistakes to Avoid as an Amazon Newbie

Air Date:  September 11, 2017

SHOW NOTES: http://www.mommyincome.com/avoid

VIDEO VAULT RELEASE: http://www.mommyincome.com/promo

With any new business, you will make a few mistakes. As an Amazon FBA newbie, we want to help you reduce costly mistakes so you can make more money faster.

Show Links/Details:
Learn How to Read Keepa & Camel Charts: http://www.mommyincome.com/keepa

Understand Sales Rank:

FREE Monthly Sales Rank Chart:

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