How much time does it take to run a successful Amazon business?

When it comes to running an online business, time is money. But managing a business could sometimes feel like you have an endless to-do list: just as soon as you cross out a task, another one pops up. Before you know it, you’re procrastinating to avoid the swamp of tasks that piled up on you, you’re wasting time, and you’re wasting money. 

While the struggle is certainly real, there are tools and methods you can use to successfully manage your time and make your Amazon business survive and thrive.

In this episode, we discuss the time you need to invest to run an Amazon business successfully. We explain why investing and managing your time is as important as doing the same things for money. We reveal the minimum amount of time it requires to run a successful business online and share some time management tips for your business. We also describe how doing 15-minute hustles helped us scale our businesses as well as the kinds of tasks you need to prioritize to grow your Amazon business.

“You can’t expect something to grow and thrive if you don’t invest time into it. Giving yourself time to focus on your business is the key to success in an Amazon business.” - Amy Feierman

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • The minimum amount of time you need to run a successful Amazon business
  • Why you need to be intentional and consistent with your time
  • Why we recommend spending at least 20 hours a week working on your Amazon business
  • The power of making a master list of tasks and why you need to put tasks into specific groups
  • How your online business can impact where you spend your time and vice versa
  • How we grew our Amazon businesses by doing 15-minute hustles
  • The kind of tasks you need to prioritize for your Amazon business
  • Why you should use the 80-20 rule for your business and how to do it
  • How to change your Amazon business model



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