AF341 - The Power of Fulfillment for Resellers With Laurie Bilyeu from eBliss

ebay Mar 11, 2024

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My name is Kristin Ostrander and as the host of the Amazon Files podcast and the proud owner of Mommy Income, I've had the pleasure of engaging with some of the most innovative minds in the e-commerce space. 

Today, I’m sitting down with Laurie, the co-owner of eBliss, to explore the intricacies of their fulfillment and storage solution designed for all resellers. It’s packed with insights and valuable takeaways for anyone looking to streamline their reselling business.


The Genesis of eBliss: A Reseller's Dream

Laurie and her husband, Dave, are no strangers to the world of reselling. Their journey began on eBay in 2013, where they thrived as resellers of thrifted used electronics. As they scaled their operations, they recognized a gap in the market: other resellers needed support. This realization led to the birth of eBliss, a service designed to alleviate the burdens of inventory management and shipping for fellow resellers.

eBliss initially catered to eBay sellers, providing listing, storage, and shipping services. However, Laurie and Dave's vision didn't stop there. They expanded their offerings to include platforms like Poshmark and integrated cross-listing software to further simplify the process for their clients. Building trust and aligning with clients' goals became the cornerstone of their business model.

The eBliss Experience: Minimum Requirements and Trust-Building

To maintain a high level of service, eBliss has set minimum requirements for their clients. Resellers must have at least 200 listings in the warehouse and commit to a minimum of 30 new listings each month. This ensures a steady flow of inventory and distinguishes serious resellers from casual dabblers.

The Synergy of Collaboration

Working with a spouse can be challenging, but Laurie and Dave have turned it into their superpower. With a history of working together in various settings, they've mastered the art of leveraging their contrasting strengths. Laurie, the process-oriented executor, complements Dave's big-picture vision. This dynamic duo proves that with clear communication and shared goals, spousal collaboration can be a formidable force in business.

Milestones and Innovations: eBliss's Journey to a One-Stop Shop

eBliss has achieved significant milestones, including the recent addition of photography services for clients' listings. This development is a testament to their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for resellers. They're on the cusp of realizing their original vision of being a complete one-stop shop for all reselling needs.

The eBliss Advantage: Cross-Platform Selling Made Easy

One of the most exciting aspects of eBliss's service is the ability to sell across multiple platforms without limitations. Whether it's eBay, Poshmark, or newer platforms like Whatnot, eBliss has established a system that accommodates the unique requirements of each. They've even set size and weight limitations to maximize warehouse space efficiency, ensuring that resellers can focus on selling without worrying about logistics.

Embracing the Future: How to Connect with eBliss

For resellers eager to take their business to the next level, reaching out to eBliss is straightforward. Their website,, is a treasure trove of information and the starting point for potential collaboration. A zoom call or phone conversation with the eBliss team can help determine if their services align with your reselling goals. 

Final Thoughts

My conversation with Laurie has been nothing short of inspiring. As a podcaster and entrepreneur, I understand the value of efficient systems and the impact they can have on scaling a business. eBliss's innovative approach to fulfillment and storage solutions is a game-changer for resellers. Whether you're a seasoned seller or just ramping up your listings, eBliss offers the support you need to grow without the growing pains.

For those of you who, like me, are on the cusp of reaching that 200 listing threshold, eBliss is a beacon of hope. It's a reminder that with the right partners and a vision for the future, the possibilities in the reselling world are endless. Keep sourcing, keep selling, and let eBliss handle the rest.


"We're not transactional based; we're relationship based because we see ourselves as a partner in your reselling business." - Laurie Bilyeu


The evolution of Bliss (00:00:43)

Laurie discusses the transformation of Bliss from an eBay reselling business to a fulfillment and storage solution for resellers, and the challenges they faced.

Expanding platforms (00:03:40)

Laurie talks about expanding from eBay to include platforms like Poshmark and cross-listing softwares to cater to various resellers' needs.

Growth and space requirements (00:05:51)

Laurie discusses the initial space, growth, and capacity planning for their warehouse, emphasizing the importance of having room for growth.

Minimum requirements and client relationships (00:09:33)

Laurie explains the minimum requirements for using Bliss's services and emphasizes the importance of building a relational client partnership.

Working with a spouse (00:15:47)

Laurie shares her experience of working alongside her husband and the history of their professional relationship.

Working with a Spouse (00:15:59)

Discussion about working together in different settings and the dynamics of working with a spouse in a business.

Milestones of Bliss (00:18:24)

Proud milestones achieved by Bliss, including offering photo services and becoming a one-stop shop for reselling needs.

Benefits of Using Bliss (00:19:28)

Benefits of using Bliss for reselling, including the ability to send items for storage and fulfillment, and the convenience of selling on multiple platforms.

Size and Weight Limitations (00:22:30)

Explanation of size and weight limitations for items sent to Bliss for storage and fulfillment.

Advantages of Using a Fulfillment Center (00:26:03)

Discussion of the advantages of using a fulfillment center, such as reducing upfront costs and only paying for services used.

Reaching Out to Bliss (00:24:53)

How to contact Bliss for a consultation to see if their services are a good fit for a reseller's business.



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