AF343 - My Final Goodbye & Introducing Your New Mentor

amazon business Mar 25, 2024

Hey Hey Amazon Sellers! 

I’m Kristin, the voice you've grown to know on the Amazon Files podcast & familiar face behind Mommy Income. 

Today's blog post is a bittersweet one, as it marks both an end and a beginning. 

After a decade of teaching and training Amazon sellers, I've decided to hang up my hat in this arena. This decision wasn't made lightly, nor does it reflect any issues with Amazon itself. 

In fact, I still believe Amazon is a fantastic marketplace for entrepreneurs. My choice to retire is a personal one, driven by a desire to explore new opportunities in coaching and leadership across different business sectors.

It's been an incredible journey, filled with learning, growth, and the joy of seeing so many of you thrive in the Amazon marketplace. Wholesale bundling, a topic we've delved into deeply, continues to be a robust strategy, and I'm proud of the community we've built around it.

But I am passing the torch and introducing you to your new mentor - my successor.

Introducing Todd Welsh

As I transition to new horizons, I'm thrilled to introduce a remarkable individual who will be taking the reins—Todd Welsh. Todd isn't just a successor; he's a seasoned Amazon seller with a wealth of experience in wholesale, retail arbitrage, and, of course, bundling. His journey is an inspiring one, starting from his early days of online selling to managing a bustling 5000 square foot warehouse with a dedicated team.

More Than Just Business

But Todd isn't all business. In our final episode, he shared glimpses of his personal life that I believe many of you will resonate with. He's a family man, looking forward to adoption, and his hobbies include fishing, hiking, and camping. His love for Star Wars and TV shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother reminds us that personal interests can and should intersect with our business niches. This alignment not only fuels our passion but also gives us a deeper understanding of our customers.

Looking Ahead

As Todd steps into the role of guiding you on your Amazon journey, I'm confident that his background, experience, and personal touch will enrich the podcast in new and exciting ways. This transition episode has set the stage for what's to come, and I'm eager to see how the Amazon Files community will continue to grow and evolve under Todd's leadership.

Final Thoughts

In closing, I want to express my deepest thanks to all of you who've been part of this adventure. Your support and engagement have made the Amazon Files podcast what it is today. As I embark on my new path, I leave you in capable hands. Here's to new beginnings, continued success, and the endless possibilities that await us all.

Until next time, keep aiming high and dreaming big. The world of Amazon is vast, and your potential within it is limitless.

Cheering you on always!

💙 Kristin



"I wanted to just express my eternal gratitude for all of the years, all ten of the years, that I have been able to teach and train and give tips and encouragement and inspiration and motivation for you and your Amazon stores." - Kristin Ostrander


Chris' Retirement Announcement (00:00:00)

Chris expresses gratitude and clarifies her retirement from teaching and training on Amazon, emphasizing that it is a personal choice.

Amazon's Continued Viability (00:01:13)

Chris reassures the audience that Amazon and bundles are not dead, emphasizing that it is still a great platform to sell products.

Introducing Todd Welsh (00:03:20)

Chris introduces Todd Welsh as her successor, emphasizing his familiarity with Amazon and wholesale bundling.

Todd's Background and Experience (00:04:00)

Todd shares his journey from selling online as a teenager to establishing an Amazon business, highlighting his experience in retail arbitrage, wholesale, and brand partnerships.

Todd's Bundling Experience (00:08:06)

Todd discusses his experience with wholesale bundling, emphasizing the higher ROI and the process of creating and selling bundles.

Operational Structure and Growth (00:10:51)

Todd explains his company's growth, including the transition from a prep center to a warehouse, and the employment of a team for various tasks.

Founding Amazon Seller School (00:13:11)

Todd shares his motivation for starting Amazon Seller School, expressing a desire to give back and help others succeed in the Amazon business.

Personal Interests and Family (00:15:59)

Todd discusses his hobbies, such as fishing and camping, and shares his excitement about the adoption process and his love for dogs.

Aligning Hobbies with Amazon Business (00:17:31)

Chris and Todd discuss the importance of aligning personal hobbies with the Amazon business, emphasizing the value of understanding customer needs.

Transitioning Leadership to Todd (00:18:52)

Chris emphasizes Todd's ability to lead the audience into the future of Amazon, highlighting his expertise and experience in the Amazon business.

Note: Timestamps are based on the provided transcription segment and may vary in the actual podcast episode.

Retirement announcement (00:20:35)

Chris announces her retirement from teaching and training on Amazon, expressing gratitude to the audience for their support.

Introduction of Todd Welsh (00:21:14)

Todd Welsh is introduced as Chris's successor, sharing his background, experience, and plans for the future.

Transition plan and student access (00:22:28)

Chris explains the transition plan for students to access Todd's teachings and the wholesale bundle system.

Todd's role and future plans (00:24:21)

Todd expresses gratitude, discusses his role, and shares his excitement about leading the audience into the future of Amazon.

Closure and future connection (00:25:20)

Chris signs off, encourages future connection, and expresses gratitude to the audience for their support.



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