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Not only is Kristin Ostrander a Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur, she is also a million-dollar Amazon seller who knows everything you are going through!  She has poured her heart and soul into the new Wholesale Bundle System for 2023 and her students are THRIVING in business and in life! 

Working from home with a prep center gives you so much more time in your REAL life for what is important. You know... the important things like family, kids, friends, hobbies, and travel.

After achieving big success with her strategy she now had time AND a strong desire to help others enjoy their real lives by building businesses into their desired lifestyle instead of the other way around.

Let Kristin share the steps she has taken in her journey that have helped her find success via podcasts, youtube videos, online courses, blogs, and workshops.

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Getting Started | Building | Scaling

Getting Started

It is never too late to start something new. We give you full permission to be a beginner and learn at your own pace. As long as you are moving you are doing laps around other people who are still on the fence about starting a business. Our Start FBA Today course is the perfect place to learn the basics of Amazon FBA selling. With a step by step video course, you are able to access the material anytime that works for you and at a pace you are comfortable with.

My brother’s co-worker recently quit his 9-5 and moved to Spain to focus solely on his Amazon business since it has been so successful and now, here I am. Created my LLC, got my biz bank account and now onto opening my seller account. Thank you for the support. Podcast is great motivation and Beginner Course was also extremely helpful!

~Audra Kachonik

...to be able to be shown by people that I know are truly invested in our success and not out the make a quick dollar. It really means a lot and it's a rarity you just don't find....

~ Jennifer Reynolds



This is everything I was praying for!!! I've been very anxious about listing and this could not come out at a better time you guys! Ever since joining Start FBA today and mommy income Facebook group, I have learned so much and I can't wait to put everything to test! I'm a total newbie and everyone in the group and in the class, including Amy and Kristin, answer every single "dumb question" I have, if there is such a thing. They give me confidence because I know I'm not alone in the new journey and they ALWAYS provide us with great content! Thank guys you so much!

~ Isis Fabres

I just want to say THANK YOU to Kristin Ostrander for this community and all of the resources and motivation that you share so freely!!! ❤️ I hummed and hawed about starting an FBA business for 2-3 years, stuck in analysis paralysis and fear of failure. Then, in the fall of 2017 I started watching your videos and got the push to JUST START.

The best advice? “Baby steps are still steps. JUST GET STARTED ALREADY!” Haha. So I did. And because of you girls, I baby-stepped my way to over $16,000 in sales since mid-October. My expectations were blown away. I’m excited for what 2018 has to bring! Here’s to a prosperous 2018 for us all! Love you guys!!! 🎉

~ Megan Olson

This snapshot represents 30 days exactly since my first sale and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so so much Kristin Ostrander and Amy Feierman for all the helpful information and for keeping it real! Because of you guys, I’m able to see the sunshine’s and rainbows even through the storms and clouds! You guys got me so motivated and inspired! I know this is very small potatoes, but there is so much potential to look forward to! Just wanted to share is all, especially for people just starting like me to show them if I can do it, so can they!

~ Lindsay Purcell

I'm at the beginning of my journey and you have offered me goals, a direction and real information without all the "You WILL make $20000000000 your first month" stuff. I love how real you are and that you talk about your struggles and how you ended up selling on Amazon. I find if I get myself all worked up about some glitch on Amazon I can watch your videos and they calm me down and get me back on track. You have affected me more than you will ever know. Thank you Kristin Ostrander and Amy Feierman for the wonderful guidance, and teaching with a side of kick in the a$$ets ; ). You are the real deal and for that we are thankful!

~ Cynthia Baril

These 2 amazing women are experts in all things Amazon and "BUNDLES!" I love their classes, FB Group and their Podcasts! Before you decide to jump on the Amazon FBA Train, listen to "The Amazon Files" on ITunes or take a few of their classes on their Mommy Income website. You'll be so happy you did!

~ Karen Walker


Once you learn the basics of Amazon selling, you are ready to start building your business. Our unique approach to Amazon FBA is a strategy we call Wholesale Bundling. We’ve created and fine-tuned this process that has led us to over 2 million dollars in Amazon FBA bundle sales over the past year. Our Wholesale Bundle Framework™ is a research process that teaches you to find and sell what customers really want. Our students are seeing massive results...

I did it! I sent my first email to a wholesaler and can’t wait to hear a response. I followed the script from wholesale bundle course and stepped out on faith!!

~ Anyhony Isaac

Kristin, thank you for a great Bundlers Workshop weekend. I learned to look at bundling from a very different perspective and I feel much more confident in moving forward with an actual game plan. Your energy was electric and contagious!

~ Jane Brewer

I want to stop and take moment to thank you ladies. My dream is to be self employed in the near future. I took the FBA course and I believe it really got me focused and heading in the right direction. Your methodical approach and sincere, yet no-nonsense, style are great. I love what was said on the live stream a couple of days ago. "Trust the facts, not the feelings!"

~ Genna Buffin

I just want to say a big thank you to Kristin Ostrander for hosting an amazing workshop in Atlanta! I learned so much in the few hours we were together, met some amazing people, made some new friends, and walked away from the weekend feeling inspired and ready to move my business to the next level!

My favorite part was the hands on group activity where we put everything we learned into action by creating a bundle and presenting it to the group. This hands on activity brought everything I have learned from these ladies about wholesale bundles and put it into an actionable process to give me the confidence I need to do it on my own.

The trade show floor walkthrough was equally as amazing as the workshop. I learned a lot walking the floor with Amy. It’s incredible to witness her putting together a bundle and getting a glimpse into her thought process.

Attending the Mommy Income workshop and Atlanta trade show are hands down the best business decision I have made to date. If you are considering attending a live event with Amy and Kristen you will not be disappointed!

~ Becky Cousins

THANK YOU Mommy Income!! What a wonderful weekend! So much value from the workshop and what a difference it makes to sit face to face in a room full of amazing minds. Meeting everyone from the group was valuable as well. Everyone is so unique and all have something to offer. Never imagined actually making friends along the way in this e-commerce world!! So glad I decided to make the investment!!

~ Kari Macintyre

Bundles have literally helped save my life. The whole reason I started selling online was to help pay for a medication insurance won't cover. We live a very comforatable life but medical expenses could change that on a dime. I've never wanted my health issues to be the reason my kids couldn't live a happy and carefee childhood. I didn't want my expensive meds and treatments to ever be the reason they couldn't join traveling sports teams, dance clubs or (and Heaven help me) ;) start a band...as the drummer. January 2018 was the month I sent in my first proper bundle after signing up for the Wholesale bundling course. I end this year a little bit healthier with a whole lot more peace of mind. Thank y'all so much and happy holidays. :)

~ Jennifer Jo

Since attending the event last month in Atlanta I am a bundling machine! Came up with 2 new bundle ideas this week. I even created a new product to include in one of them (something I love to do). That will make 8 new bundles total in 3 weeks. If it's not sold out yet make sure you go to Vegas and get to learn from Kristn  in person. It's truly life changing to be in person with them. Very different from an online course. You won't regret it!

~ Rebecca Van Diest



Scaling can be overwhelming even for the most advanced sellers. We never underestimate the power of community and accountability. An online business can be extremely lonely. Getting and staying connected will keep you focused and motivated to take the necessary steps to scale your business. Our online membership community, The Amazon Files Hub, along with our live workshop events are a great way to fast track your growth and reach scalability you never thought possible.

...the training and this community have inspired the path I have chosen to take regarding the structure of our business, e.g., use of a prep center to free up our time for the activities that require critical thinking and ingenuity.

~ Nick Cox

Though I'm still taking baby steps to grow my business, bundles have truly been a blessing to me this year!  I was just learning the ropes and sold individual items then I decided to focus on bundles (about 95% of my inventory) and it has paid off. I only sold twice as many units so far this year with but sales increased four-fold due to a higher average selling price ($29.99). Many thanks to Kristin and this community!! I am a dedicated follower of Mommy Income :)

~ April Felt

Bought the Wholesale Bundle class and it is easy to follow and got a lot of tips. I sell in the Australia market and got a lot of ideas from the course. Joined the Hub too and the training there is excellent well worth the money. 

~ Marcel De Kretser

My sister Denise Brown and I started this Amazon journey just over a year ago. We were anxious to learn and were so excited to attend the Lansing Michigan Workshop. (Bonus for us as we live in Michigan and could stay with my daughter who lived 2 blocks from the workshop venue!) We were initially leery of the niche concept but trusted Kristin's knowledge.

After RESEARCH - and a lot of faith - we have come up with several items with NO Amazon presence. These are items we have designed and had them made for us. Not truly wholesale bundling but the things we wanted did not exist anywhere. Our first item listing sold HOURS after being listed and 6 months later, we are reaching almost 400 sales for just this one niche! We still have a very long way to go to “ quit our other day job”. But, we are hopeful. 

~ Deb Hurst

Kristin Ostrander, you have taught me so much. My sales in May are what I was last Q4. I'm 96% buy box and I have 6 bundles "Amazon Choice". THANK YOU! I'm also > less than 1% returns. 😍😍😍😘

~ Debbie Joyce

Im so excited! I bought the wholesale bundle system and went through it the last couple months and sold my first bundle today 4 days after it was available! Thanks Kristin Ostrander for the great teaching!

~ Jesse & Erin

The best thing you can do for your business is find a way to get to one of the remaining events. There are so many offers out there it's sometimes hard to decide where to invest your education money. These girls are educators, not just looking to sell you something else. They walk side by side with you and SHOW you how it's done. They create an environment where you can immediately practice then put into action what you have learned. I left with the confidence I needed to make bundles part of my business. Worth every penny.

~ Andrea Baldwin



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