AF342 - I’m Retiring from Amazon & Here's Why

amazon business Mar 18, 2024

Hey Hey everyone, I'm Kristin Ostrander, host of the Amazon Files podcast, and today I want to share with you the incredible journey I've had in the e-commerce industry, with a special focus on Amazon.

Over the years, I've witnessed and participated in the evolution of this dynamic marketplace, and it's been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride.

Amazon has been at the forefront of e-commerce innovation, offering a plethora of ways to make money, which I like to call the "Amazon train." From retail arbitrage to wholesale, private label, influencer selling, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), the opportunities are vast.

Amazon's business model continues to expand, venturing into live selling, affiliate stores, and even providing software and apps through Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Adapting to the E-Commerce Landscape

As the industry grows, so does the competition. Giants like Walmart are stepping up their game, which means adaptability is key. In this rapidly evolving space, staying informed and flexible is crucial for success.

I've had the unique experience of being approached by Amazon to become an influencer for their live selling program. Despite the attractive financial incentives, I declined the offer multiple times. This decision was deeply personal; I wanted to stay true to my core values and pursue opportunities that resonate with my passions.

A Personal Reflection: Utilizing Gifts and Talents

Life is fragile, and it's essential to use our gifts and talents to make a meaningful impact. Over the past 20 years, I've built a successful business on Amazon, and I've been committed to helping others navigate this landscape. My journey has taught me the importance of authenticity and following one's aspirations.

Gratitude and Growth: My Decision to Retire

It's with a heart full of gratitude that I share my decision to retire from the Amazon industry. This isn't a farewell due to negative experiences but a natural progression in my career and personal interests. My love for coaching, teaching, and training has grown, and it's time for me to focus on these passions.

I want to ensure a smooth transition for my students and followers. I'm in the process of finding a successor who will continue to lead with integrity and expertise. As a parting gift, I'm making my entire Amazon training library available one final time, including the wholesale bundle system and over 65 other resources.

Last Call for Amazon FBA Content

Please note that I will not be producing new content related to Amazon FBA after March 31st, 2024. I encourage you to take advantage of the training materials, which you'll have access to until the end of the year. Rest assured, I will still offer non-Amazon business strategy sessions for those transitioning into different ventures.

Emotions and Pride: The Difficulty of Goodbyes

Saying goodbye to a significant part of my identity and career is challenging. I am incredibly proud of what our community has achieved, and I am committed to supporting your success as I transition to new opportunities.

Looking Ahead: Introducing My Successor

Stay tuned for the next episode, where I will introduce my successor and provide more details about the transition. I am grateful for the support and time you've given me, and I look forward to sharing more about my future endeavors.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Here's to embracing change and pursuing our passions with courage and determination.



"From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Without you, there's no Amazon Files, no wholesale bundle system. It was all for you to begin with, and I thank you for that privilege." - Kristin Ostrander



The Amazon Train (00:00:00)

Introduction to the different ways to make money on Amazon, including retail arbitrage, wholesale, private label, and influencer style selling.

Amazon's Expansion (00:01:07)

Discussion about Amazon's expansion into various areas such as KDP, fulfillment services, and affiliate stores, and the rise of competition from Walmart.

The Evolution of Business (00:03:08)

Comparison of the evolution of successful businesses like Amazon with past successful but now obsolete businesses like Blockbuster Video and cassette tapes.

The Power of Wholesale Bundles (00:05:24)

Explanation of the benefits of wholesale bundles as a profitable and creative way to make money on Amazon, suitable for various types of sellers.

Personal Journey and Decision Making (00:07:31)

The speaker's personal journey in e-commerce, including declining an opportunity to be an Amazon influencer and the importance of staying true to oneself.

Reflection and Future Opportunities (00:11:33)

Discussion of the speaker's reflections on life and business, and the realization of missed opportunities and the need to explore new ventures.

20 Years of E-commerce (00:14:10)

The speaker's gratitude for the opportunities in e-commerce and her commitment to helping others succeed on Amazon.

Moving On (00:18:41)

The speaker's decision to move on from the Amazon train and explore new opportunities after 20 years in e-commerce.

Kristin's Retirement Announcement (00:19:46)

Kristin announces her retirement from the Amazon industry and explains her reasons for leaving.

Passing the Torch (00:21:08)

Kristin discusses her love for coaching and teaching, and her plans to find a successor to lead the wholesale bundle system.

No Bad Blood (00:22:18)

Kristin clarifies that her decision to leave the industry is not due to any negative experiences and reassures the continuity of the wholesale bundle system.

Introducing the Successor (00:23:14)

Kristin teases the introduction of her successor and reassures the availability of wholesale bundle system and trainings.

Open Vault of Training (00:25:27)

Kristin announces the release of all her Amazon training for one final time before her retirement and the availability until the end of the year.

Get the Wholesale Bundle System + 65 Additional Bonuses today before I close the Mommy Income doors forever!

Retirement Package Offer (00:29:00)

Kristin offers a retirement package including the wholesale bundle system and 65 additional resources for a last and final price.

Reflecting on Retirement Decision (00:30:06)

Kristin shares her emotional reflection on the decision to retire and her desire to support the success of others.

Transition and Future Plans (00:32:25)

Kristin discusses the transition, future plans, and encourages listeners to stay connected with her.

Gratitude and Farewell (00:36:46)

Kristin expresses gratitude to the listeners and teases the introduction of her successor in the final episode.


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