Best Product Bundles [Seasonal vs Evergreen]

There are many different seasonal holidays throughout the year. Some sales seasons are long, like Christmas, while others are short, like St. Patrick’s Day. With this in mind, as a wholesale Amazon seller, you are likely wondering where to put your focus. Trying to find a balance between how much focus and attention you should give to seasonal and evergreen products can be a challenge for new and veteran sellers alike. There are many decisions you need to make, including how to make...

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Amazon FBA Success Story: A New Career after 50

Have you ever considered yourself unemployable because of your age?

Did you graduate college decades ago but you feel stuck in a career you don’t want to do any more yet your education feels outdated? In this episode of the Amazon Files we are going to interview a very special lady who has felt these very things and has found a way to break the age barrier and carve out her own career path with Amazon FBA. There is hope in any situation and if a 50-something single mom...

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Faster Amazon FBA Product Research [2019]

product research video Sep 23, 2019


Time is the most precious commodity around. No matter if you are Oprah or Brad Pitt time is the only thing we can’t get more of.

168 hours a week is all we get. 

If you find that you are having trouble finding profitable products to sell on Amazon and it is taking forever to do the research we have something for you that will speed up the process and lead more products to bundle.

Product research is a nemesis for many Amazon sellers

Are you constantly spinning your wheels...

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