How to Use eBay to Boost Your Amazon Business

Air Date: July 31, 2017

Many Amazon sellers look at eBay as an ugly stepchild, a once great platform that is no longer worth the time and effort required. BUT WAIT! In this show, we show you how to use eBay and other e-commerce platforms to boost your Amazon business without spending hours taking photos, creating listings and being overrun with inventory.

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Joe Lister:


Awesome eBay sales:
Pat Pat Rocket:

Handy Manny Toolbox:

Items to sell on eBay: for eBay keyword research:

Other e-commerce platforms to consider selling on:

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How to Streamline Your Amazon Business and Why It's Important

Air Date: July 24, 2017


We all have different reason's for building an Amazon business. The reason we hear most often is to realize the freedom and flexibility that comes with a lifestyle business. In this week's show, we're going to share some of the strategies that we've implemented to simplify our businesses so we can focus our time and energy on what is important to us in our lives. We're going to show you how to work smarter, not harder.

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Our #1 Top Tool is Inventory Lab

Jungle Scout has helped us dig deeper into our niches

Not ready for Jungle Scout but need help with research. Take a look out our research class:

If you sell on Amazon, the following two FREE tools are a must have in your arsenal:

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Top 5 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for Q4 [Video]


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Air Date: July 17, 2017


Q4 is the biggest selling season of the year. Amazon sales in Q4 2016 were $43.7 BILLION. We don’t want you to miss out on your piece. If you’re a new seller and have never experienced the rush of Q4 or are a more seasoned seller looking to up your game this year, then tune into this week’s episode. It’s time to put a plan in place so that you can have your best Q4 ever.

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Top 5 Things You Need to Do BEFORE Hiring Help for Your Amazon Business [Video]


Air Date: June 26, 2017


Hiring a team has changed both of our businesses for the better. By growing a team, we've gained more time, more profit and more freedom. Are you on the fence about hiring a team member for your Amazon business? In this week’s episode, we’re going to help you get that first person hired... and not just talking about it. 

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Jump Start Your Amazon FBA Business - Part 2: Finding Free/Low Cost Inventory

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2017

So you’re stuck… You want to sell on Amazon but you don't have a huge stash of cash to buy inventory.  We've got you covered! Here are some free and low-cost options for finding inventory to sell. You will also find tips on how to build up capital for your business.

Freecycle: This is a website community you can join where people give away or ask for free items. Resellers are not always welcomed so do not announce you may be selling items.

Craigslist: Free items are given away all the time in the free section of craigslist. Check your local listings

Newspapers: Check the free section of the classifieds to see if there is a reselling opportunity

Garage Sale/Estate Sale Leftovers: There are many people who would gladly give you all of their leftovers if you came, boxed it all up and hauled it away. Put an ad in the paper or offer up this service in person at a sale. You will be surprised how much inventory you may receive. Going towards the end of...

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Jump Start Your Amazon FBA Business - Part 1: Building Capital

amazon fba Jun 20, 2017

We often hear the excuse, "I can't start a business, I don't have any money." In today's post, we're going to show you some ways to build capital so you can build your business one step at a time. 

Ways to Build Capital For Your Business

  • Barter: Trade services for someone in exchange for inventory they may have
  • Offer Services: Do a few extra jobs to earn money for your business - babysitting, house cleaning, baking, cooking, errands, shopping, skilled trades, painting, carpooling, bookkeeping, computer repair
  • Examine Your Monthly Bills: There is often room for improvement in your monthly bills. Call the companies and ask for bundling discounts, higher deductibles or lower interest rates to get your monthly costs down. Use the new found savings to invest in your business.
  • Credit or Loans:  Although we advise proceeding with extreme caution, if you have a great credit rating, sometimes a loan or credit card is all you need to begin funding your business. Aim...
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Case Study - Amazon Newbie Reaches $9K/month in Less Than a Year

Having trouble believing those big numbers you see posted in various groups around the interwebs? In this episode,  we sit down with Rebecca Van Diest so that she can share her story about how she built her Amazon business. We've been watching her grow and are excited to bring you some encouragement from someone who has taken their business from start to $9,000 per month in less than a year.



Air Date: June 19, 2017

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Interested in starting a business just like Rebecca's? You can learn more at

If you want to learn more about how to use keepa & camelcamelcamel we highly recommend Stephen Smotherman's (Full-time FBA) course How to Keepa Camel  (affiliate)

Get smart pickup by UPS to your door FREE for a year - signup at

[Entrepreneur on a Dime] Use Your Amazon Deposit for Maximum Growth

To learn more about Jungle Scout head over to (affiliate)

If you aren't already using...

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Amazon Owes you Money! Learn How to Get it Back [Entrepreneur on a Dime]

Did you know that, as an Amazon seller, money goes missing from your account on a regular basis? No, Amazon is not trying to rip you off but there are many ways you are losing money on a daily basis simply because you do not know how to ask for it back. In this episode on Entrepreneur on a Dime, we will teach you the strategies you need to find and reclaim your money from Amazon.

Amazon FBA sellers selling for longer than 3 months 

Hidden money in your Amazon account

• Warehouse Damaged items 
• Customer returns, not returned in allotted time 
• Lost Items • Reconciliation Issues (missing items) 
• Reconciliation of refund discrepancies 
• Grocery/ HBA items not required to be returned (instant refunds)

Amazon destroys inventory without telling you and they don’t reimburse you for it unless you ask. 

Follow these steps to get your money back today: 
Step 1: Login to Seller...

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How to Handle Sales Slumps in Your Amazon Business [Entrepreneur on a Dime]

Air Date: June 5, 2017


Sales slumps are a reality in any retail business. They happen no matter what size your company, how much you have invested in inventory, or how long you've been in business. 

We want to help you stay motivated when times get tough and money is tight. We’ve put together some practical steps you can take to prevent major slumps and persevere through slow sale periods. 

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Wholesale Bundles Class:

Is my inventory switching warehouses? How to find out:
Go to seller central - reports - fulfillment - reserved inventory - request download

Get Merchant Words for $9 per month:

Learn how to use Merchant Words to find profitable keywords:

Get rid of dud inventory at a consignment Sale:

Research Strategy:

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Quitting Your Day Job to Sell on Amazon - Two Success Stories [Entrepreneur on a Dime]

In this episode of Entrepreneur on a Dime: The Amazon Files, we introduced you to two sellers who have successfully made the transition to full-time Amazon sellers. 

Success Story - Adrienne Dupree

Adrienne Dupree is an author, mentor, information product creator, online marketer, and e-commerce business owner. She comes from a technical background and was involved in Information Technology for more than twenty years. In November 2014, Adrienne started selling on Amazon part-time using the FBA program. She was forced to turn it into a full-time endeavor when she was laid off unexpectedly in 2015.

Adrienne's Website:

Leave The Corporate World Behind Book (affiliate)


Success Story - Kim Coghlan
Kim and her husband Perry have been married 25 years and have 13 children. They have dabbled in online and offline businesses since 2000. At the encouragement of a friend, Kim began actively selling used books on Amazon FBA in late 2014,...

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