Why should you sell on Amazon? Benefits revealed :)

Are you thinking of throwing in the towel on your Amazon because it’s been hard, confusing, or overwhelming? Do want to get started but don’t know where to even begin with the wealth of information out there? Or do you want to continue running your online business on Amazon but are scared because of these trying times? Whatever you’re doing on Amazon, don’t call it quits just yet. There are benefits to rolling up your sleeves and pushing through - and there are benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

In this episode, I explain why you need to get started on Amazon and, if you already have, why you need to keep it going. I reveal the many benefits of selling and the best ways to get started on one of the world’s largest Ecommerce platforms. I share my background, how I got started on Ecommerce, and how long I have been running my Amazon store. I explain how selling on Amazon gives you freedom of time and location and underscore why it’s not an automated business or a “passive” source of income. I also reveal the best and most stable business model you can do on Amazon and highlight why you need to hold on to your goals when running an Amazon business.

“You have to be consistent, but you don’t have to trade dollars for hours. There’s no limit to how much you can sell and make on Amazon.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • An overview of my journey in Ecommerce and Amazon
  • What I can and can’t teach you about selling on Amazon
  • Why running an Amazon business isn’t a source of “passive” income
  • The reason I don’t recommend private labeling to Amazon beginners
  • Why you need to keep your goals in mind when starting and running an Amazon business
  • The two jobs I did before doing Ecommerce and why I love selling on Amazon
  • Why selling on Amazon is a huge benefit for introverts
  • How starting an Amazon business gives you freedom of location
  • The advantages of having worldwide visibility on your products and not needing to advertise
  • Amazon’s FBA warehouses and why you don’t need to spend time and money to store inventory
  • How much customer service is involved when selling on Amazon
  • Selling multiple products on multiple categories and the importance of choosing a product niche
  • How you can mix and match different business models on Amazon
  • Why I don’t suggest doing retail arbitrage in the long-term
  • Why selling books on Amazon is a great way to start
  • The downsides of wholesaling on Amazon
  • What wholesale bundles are, how you can make them, and why they work so well
  • Holding on to the benefits of selling on Amazon 



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