Merchant Fulfill Today [Keep Your Amazon sales During Coronavirus Pandemic]

I thought we might be GOING OUT OF BUSINESS during the first week of the Covid-19 crisis.

When Amazon shut its doors to new FBA shipments and halted normal Prime delivery of current in-stock inventory we were in serious trouble. We've never seen sales so low during that week. We were down 99%. Yup.


It was scary but in business, you have to learn to pivot quickly in order to survive.

We knew if we acted quickly we could switch to Merchant Fulfillment during these unprecedented times and save our business. That is exactly what we did.

I'm happy to report that we made a quick recovery and are slowly returning to close to normal sales volume.

I will admit I am not used to processing up to 100 orders per day by myself but when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Are you currently doing Merchant Fulfillment orders during the COVID-19 Crisis?

If not you should try it. Here's how!

The Quick and Easy Merchant Fulfillment Course Brought to you by The Selling Family aka Jessica Larrew

Here is what you will learn:

*Create a custom Shipping Template so that you don’t lose money by using Amazon’s default template
*Estimate your max shipping costs (even though you don’t know where you’ll be shipping your item yet)
*Calculate your MF profits before ever listing an item
*Make your listing more attractive to buyers by offering Free Shipping (while still making money on each sale!)
*Stock your home with essential MF shipping supplies
*List quickly from your phone, make sense of USPS rates, handle refund requests, and more

If you have never done Merchant Fulfillment this is the perfect opportunity to learn and FAST!

FBA will be back to normal eventually but can your business survive in the meantime? Adding MF to your business model temporarily will help you stay afloat until the FBA floodgates open again.

You can be up and running doing MF the right way by the end of today!

Don't wait until it is too late to save your business. Be proactive today!

Wishing you all the bundling success,

PS - Prior to this new course offer, I made a video on this topic with even more helpful tips!  

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