AF169 - Finding Products to Sell with Isaac Kuhlman - What's Your Niche?

What is the number one question every new Amazon seller asks? It’s how they can find the best products to sell online. Isaac Kuhlman has been an Amazon Brand Developer since 2013. He is the co-founder of REAL Coaching who has helped over thousands of Amazon sellers grow their businesses to fuel their lifestyle. Throughout his years of experience with running his own business and coaching others, Isaac has uncovered the relationship between one’s passion for solving problems and the performance of products that Amazon business owners sell.

Isaac joins me today to share different ways Amazon sellers can develop product ideas. He illustrates his background and describes how his experience with working in a go-kart facility led him to start an Amazon business. He discusses how most sellers appeal to Amazon’s algorithms and explains why he uses humor when writing his product listings. He also discusses how you can develop product ideas by looking at your immediate environment and highlights how products, brands, and businesses come from a passion of finding solutions to problems.

“People think that the way to get product ideas is by looking on Amazon. But you get product ideas from everywhere around you. Then, take those ideas and look them up on Amazon.” - Isaac Kuhlman

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • The first step of the Wholesale Bundle System
  • Isaac’s background, his experience running an indoor go-kart facility, and the key to bundling products
  • How we grow as entrepreneurs whenever we experience challenges
  • The horrors of starting an Amazon business with private labeling
  • How Isaac decided on the first product he wanted to invest in
  • Tapping into your knowledge bank to think about what products to sell on Amazon
  • The passion for solving problems and why starting a business or brand isn’t for everybody
  • The tendency of Amazon sellers to not think of themselves as entrepreneurs
  • The importance of thinking about your ideal customer
  • Getting away from saturated markets and the power of writing with excitement and humor in product listings
  • Why products don’t need to have brands for them to sell on Amazon
  • Steering away from trends and the value of selling boring products
  • Speaking to ideal clients and using customer reviews on popular product listings as references for product ideas
  • Relatability and why it’s essential to start with the things that you know



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