AF160 - Top 5 Things Beginners Need to Know

Are you new to Amazon? Thinking of opening up your online business but don’t know where to start? Are you overwhelmed with all the information from YouTube and Facebook? It’s easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis when you’re new to selling on Amazon (or to eCommerce in general), but that’s okay. While the struggle is certainly real, starting an Amazon business is a legitimate way to find financial success and achieve your goals in life.

Today, I discuss five things you need to know to help you get started selling on Amazon. I share my story of getting started in Ecommerce and how I transitioned from selling used books to selling wholesale bundles on Amazon. I reveal how you can start selling online for as low as $500 and how you can budget your initial investment. I also discuss what an inventory-based business means and explain why you need to think about the reason you want to begin your Amazon journey.

“Commit to yourself. Commit to the results you want. An Amazon business takes time and consistency, just like in any other businesses.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • The reason you need to think about why you want to sell on Amazon
  • My Amazon business story and how I transitioned into doing wholesale bundles
  • Starting an Amazon business for less than $500
  • Getting an EIN, a business bank account, and other legitimate business practices to keep in mind
  • Why you don’t have to be an LLC and instead opt to be a sole proprietor
  • Deciding on the best Amazon business model for you
  • Sourcing methods and ways to find inventory to sell
  • What an inventory-based business is and the importance of learning how to source
  • Paying attention to the condition of your items when thrifting inventory
  • The minimum requirements you need to start an Amazon business today 


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Grow Your Amazon Business!

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