AF161 - Is Amazon Selling Still Viable in 2020?

Whether it’s because they got laid off, want to work from home, or do a side hustle, many people want to start an Amazon business. Yet, they doubt doing so because they feel like it’s an unsafe venture. After all, it’s been a long, arduous year we’ve all had. With all the crazy stuff that’s been happening, is starting an online business on Amazon still viable?  And if it is, what kind of investment do you have to make to succeed? What are the challenges of running an Amazon business and how do you overcome them?

In this episode, I discuss why selling on Amazon is still a great business opportunity in 2020 and beyond. I reveal the essential changes in Amazon’s policies this year that beginners need to watch out for. I explain the steps Amazon is taking to protect both buyers and sellers and discuss brand and category restrictions. I also highlight the value of giving yourself the beginner’s learning curve when starting on Amazon and explain why you need to ask yourself why you want to start your online business.

“Any business - whether it’s direct sales, drop-shipping, or an Amazon business - it all requires hustle, time, and money.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files: 

  • Why more people are buying from Amazon in 2020
  • Why Amazon is the best place to start a product-based business
  • A deeper level of security and verification process for new sellers
  • Why you would want to get a UPS or a PO box
  • Starting your Amazon business for as low as $500
  • Why Amazon is restricting more categories and brands in 2020
  • GTIN changes and extra verification processes on products and brands
  • Investing in an IP accelerator and why you need to do brand registry
  • The reason it’s necessary to research categories before selling on them
  • IP claim issues with retail arbitrage items and the best categories for Amazon beginners
  • The importance of thinking about the reason you want to sell on Amazon and giving yourself the beginner’s learning curve 



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