AF211 - Amazon FBA for Beginners: Understanding the Amazon Customer

With all the things going around out there these days about Amazon and saturation and antitrust laws, and whatever else, I want to take today’s episode to clear the air and give you all a clear picture of precisely why Amazon customers aren’t going anywhere any time soon. There is a load of facts and statistics that prove this fact, and I want to share them with you here today so you can understand your customer better, capitalize on this knowledge, and improve the lives of both your customers and yourself in the process.

We’ll begin by examining why people shop on Amazon, the success that Amazon has achieved, the role that third-party sellers play in it, and how we can get people the products they want and need. I’ll also delve into the top revenue categories on Amazon, ways we can all profit from this data, and finish up with an in depth look at the remarkable success that bundles bring, and how you can enjoy that success for yourself. Fully supported by current data, today’s insights into understanding your customer and using that information to make their lives easier are key components to finding success for yourself as well, and I walk you through it all here today.

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This week on the Amazon Files:  

  •     Why do people shop on Amazon
  •     Speed, variety, and convenience
  •     Amazon vs. Walmart
  •     Third-party sellers
  •     How can we get people the products they want and need?
  •     Joining the Facebook Group
  •     The top revenue categories on Amazon
  •     How to profit from this information
  •     Bundles and why they work so well
  •     Knowing the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your         bundle
  •     Looking at your own purchases
  •     Kristin’s 4 mini-courses about bundle ideas

“Amazon provides the speed, and they provide the convenience of purchase and the convenience and the trust of returns and reviews and things like that. So what can you do? You bring the variety, you bring new products to the table, specifically bundles, to Amazon.“

- Kristin Ostrander




“When you understand your customer, you can sell better products, more products, and you can meet their needs faster and easier when you understand what they are.”

“What you need to know are the basics about why people buy and shop on Amazon, it makes it so much easier to choose products that they want and to sell to them when you understand their mindset or the reasons why.”

“I buy on Amazon for many reasons. But mostly it's the speed and the variety and the convenience of all of it.”

“They said the number one reason people shop on Amazon is product selection.”

I don't know about you, but I want to do business with a company that I can trust, that is fast and easy to work with, and has the products that I'm looking for.”

“Amazon captures 41 cents of every dollar spent online in the United States.”

“This is why Amazon has ascended to the top so quickly because it opens the website for people like you and me - third party sellers - to list products alongside Amazon.”

“It means that you're dealing with customers who like speed, variety, and confidence and convenience, they have confidence because of reviews and return policies. So they're not scared to buy from you.”

“This is the proof that you don't have to have the best price in order to have 56% of the sales happening online be in your pocket. It's not about price, friends. It's more about the variety, the product selection, and the convenience of it all.”

“Time is money, and we're willing to pay a little extra for something at Amazon, because of the speed and convenience and variety.”

“So a bundle brings speed and convenience to the customer by basically pre-packaging things they already buy together…to make it easy and convenient - one-click purchase.”

“This is why bundles work so well because we understand our customers. We're bringing a combination of products, new variety, to the table for your customers.”

“The most important thing to remember about bundles is solving a problem or meeting a need.”

“If you can't find a specific style or variety on Amazon, it's time for you to bring that to the table because someone else hasn't already.”

“Bring product selection to Amazon and customers will thank you with dollars.”

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