Why Join the Amazon Files HUB Exclusive Membership

When I decided to take the terrifying leap to start my Amazon FBA business - it was the idea of freedom, financial security and control, and MOST importantly, family and friends that kept me going…

I wanted to be debt-free and buy my dream home,
Spend more quality time with my friends and family,
Take family trips and cross items off my bucket list,
Make a steady income of 10k plus months,
And the greatest part I wanted to be able to do it all on my own terms. 

But like any scary yet exhilarating, goal - success is not to reach overnight!
And no one prepared me for the FRUSTRATIONS and CHALLENGES of owning my own Amazon FBA business. 

I struggled to figure out the best processes, practices, and strategies to scale my business.
I faced many 60+ hours a week even after hiring an assistant and through the weekends and holidays.
I lost so much money with failed business partners, chasing down products to keep inventory full without avail, and purchasing products that did not sell. 

And I juggled being a full-time mom of 3, a loving wife, and the start-up of my Amazon business which left my creative reserves depleted. 
But don’t get me wrong… running an Amazon business, having control over my finances, and gaining FREEDOM were so worth it. 

So I’ll admit…

That if someone would have pulled me aside and shared with me all the strategies, knowledge, and expert advice I’ve learned over the last ten years to help me grow my Amazon business to where it is now.

It would have saved me A LOT of frustration, money, and time. 

To be real, starting and scaling your Amazon FBA business is no joke. And neither is taking your Amazon FBA business to even newer heights!
But I’ll let you in on a little secret… you DON’T have to do it on your own
That is why I decided to create an exclusive membership for ambitious Amazon business owners determined to scale their business to 6 figure plus!

So without further ado, let me introduce you to:

The Amazon File HUB (in short, HUB) is an Exclusive membership for ambitious, self-driven, fiercely dedicated Amazon FBA business owners who are….

πŸ‘Ready to take their Amazon business to 6-figures and beyond! You’re prepared to go from product chasing to customer attraction.

πŸ‘Done piecemealing Amazon listings and bundles to predictable income and make selling on Amazon a better place.

This is a member-driven club through live monthly coaching sessions, expert advice, and private masterclasses where you will have a voice on the monthly topics and instant access to all previous high-level strategies, processes, demos, and training sessions.

If you’re ready to claim your FREEDOM title and go from employee to CEO, turn your Amazon FBA business into a multiple 6-figure and beyond masterpiece, and become the authority in your niche market - then you belong here!

More work DOES NOT equal more money!

Everyone talks about all the fantastic things that come with owning an Amazon business and scaling it, but no one ever talks about the frustration and time consumption that comes with it. 

Working 20-30 hours in finding profitable products, even through the family game night, to only have your listings tank. 
Pushing products endlessly to only see minimal to no revenue, leaving you overwhelmed and depleted.
Chasing down products to replenish inventory year-round, even on weekends, holidays, and vacations - uh, what vacation and freedom?
Yep, I’ve been there. 

And so I have to let you in on another secret…

It’s not about what you have to do to get to 6-figures and beyond. It’s about who can you learn from!

Mentors to guide you through to the next step you need to take.

Industry-leading experts that will give it to you straight on what works and what doesn’t.

Learning and growing with fiercely empathic, encouraging, like-minded people who are on the same journey. 

The Amazon File HUB is exclusive for ambitious, self-driven, fiercely dedicated Amazon FBA business owners who are ready to build massive authority in their niche market, cultivate everlasting high-level connections and take their business to multiple 6-figures and beyond.  

Say No More - I’m In!


4 Ways This Membership is Awesome!

Learn Proven Strategies to Ignite Your Revenue & Reach

In the HUB, you learn strategies, techniques, gain templates, and swipe files to help you achieve your goals. As a member, you will have direct input into what training comes next. We only want to teach what you need to know to gain more clarity in your business. The existing content in the Hub library is a direct result of members sharing where they’ve gotten stuck and what they need to learn more about. You ask, we answer!

Boost Your Confidence, Authority, and Mindset

Do you want direct answers to specific questions? Each month we host a one-hour coaching session where you can ask anything and everything. This is where you can get the help you need to move past your struggles. With a safe and collaborative environment, there is no need to worry about [your ideas being leaked to the masses].

Connect with Likemind Amazon Sellers Who Want You to Succeed

Amazing things happen when you surround yourself with inspiring, positive people who believe in you. The HUB provides a supportive community willing to help where you can share ideas, feedback and get instant advice from your peers.

Instant Training Library Access

You’ll receive Immediate access to our content vault. All current, past, and future HUB training with no restrictions.


What you’ll get as a Hub Member

  • Live Monthly Group Coaching and Q&A Sessions with Kristin Ostrander
  • Live Quarterly Group Coaching Sessions with Industry experts
    • Build and scale your Amazon business with industry experts you normally would not have access to. 
  • Live Monthly HUB Hot Seats
    • Member spotlight, time to get to know each other, and end of session Q&A, learn from your peers
  • Powerful Training & Actionable Steps 
    • Successfully implement good habits, increase productivity and boost revenue
  • Instant Access to the Library Vault
  • Access to the Private HUB Community

  • BONUS: 
    • You’ll be the first to be notified about upcoming workshops (first dibs as seats are limited) and as early bird booking, you’ll save $100. 
    • Free Access Pass to Live Webinars
    • Behind the scenes access with Kristin Ostrander
    • When & How to Outsource and Hire a VA Training
    • GTIN + UPC Checklist
    • Exclusive saving on Workshops

Does the HUBBER hat fit?

The HUB Membership is a good fit for you, if…

  • You’re ready to scale your Amazon FBA business. Whether you are a new Amazon business owner with at least 5 listings under your belt or veteran of the trade - you want to learn and gain the tools you need to scale your business. 
  • You are ready to aim high! You’re a self-driven action-taker who has taken the decision to realize your potential and is ready to take the necessary steps to move the needle in your business.
  • You have a tenacious ambition for learning and growing. You have an unwavering and passionate eagerness to expand your knowledge, your mindset, and your strategies to reach higher heights in your business. 
  • You want to develop meaningful and everlasting peer relationships. The struggle is real! It’s important for you to connect with and learn from your peers who share the same goals, values and support your growth.  

The HUB Membership is NOT for you, if…

  • You’re looking to learn the basics about wholesale bunding. While there will be time to brainstorm and share bundle ideas, strategies, and techniques, the HUB membership is not the place to learn how to start an Amazon business or Wholesale Bundling 101.
  • You just want a get-rich-quick plan. The truth is there is no overnight success! There’s no quick buck to be made or get-rich-quick schemes to growing your business. This membership is about building long-term, sustainable, real money businesses that are in line with your authenticity, values, and mission.
  • You’re not a team player. This is not a competition. There’s plenty of room for everyone to succeed and achieve their goals. This is a supportive environment where you can encourage and learn from each other. 
  • You’re not a lazy-lucy or a tire kicker. If you are looking to just try it out and put in half effort to growing and scaling your business - this is not for you. Kristin has poured her heart and soul into this membership and she expects the same in return. 

Say No More - I’m In!


  • Terrifying leap to start my Amazon FBA business
  • Intro to the Amazon File HUB membership
  • More work does not equal more money
  • 4 Ways this Membership is Awesome
  • What you get when you join
  • Are you a great fit for this membership?
  • Learn more!

“I love to meet you in person and learn about your life and your business and your goals, and this is why I do what I do. I love people and I love when they have breakthroughs and see their own vision for themselves.”

- Kristin Ostrander


Thanks for stopping by. If you have made the decision to join us HUBBERS and scale your Amazon business, post your AHA moment that helped you take the leap on social media and tag me so I can celebrate with you. 

And I’ll see you inside the HUB! I can’t wait. 

That’s all for now, friend. I’m Kristin Ostrander - the Bundle Queen. See you on social and every week on the Amazon Files podcast 🎧
Kristin Ostrander 
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

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