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This is the ONE PLACE with ALL of the information you need to start your Amazon business in 2024. 


Sound Familiar?

You've heard about others selling on Amazon and have been researching it as an option. The more your research the more confused you become. Do you find yourself asking:

  • "Where can I find answers?"
  • "Who can I trust?"
  • "How do I know if this business model is right for me?"

We know how you feel. We hear from people just like you every single day that are confused about selling on Amazon. There are endless Youtube videos, gurus and blogs pulling you every which way.

IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE THIS WAY. You need a step-by-step plan providing you with action steps along the way. That's why we created START FBA TODAY. 

What is FBA? FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. It is the method we teach for the best experience when selling on



We're Amy and Kristin - two savvy online sellers who have been selling on Amazon for over 10 years. Between the two of us we have 22 years of e-commerce experience. Back before it was popular, we were selling products online. All the way back when eBay took paper checks and Amazon only sold used books. Back when there were no YouTube videos to watch or Facebook groups to join. We had to learn by the hard way, through trial and error.

In START FBA TODAY, we share our personal selling stories, the good, bad and the ugly intermixed with practical action steps and strategies to help you tackle the world’s largest retail platform. We give you tough love and a lot of laughs along the way.

The great news is because we learned the hard way we guide you away from the mistakes we made

Imagine this...

Two weeks from now your first shipment of inventory is on its way to earning your first $1000 on Amazon.

We don’t want you to make the common mistakes other new sellers make. We want to protect your time and your money by giving you a clear, easy to follow, step by step guide to starting your Amazon business.

Do you want to start off right with the best information to get your business up and running?

Start FBA Today will provide that for you.

You could watch 100 more hours from ten different youtube teachers showing you how to do various Amazon things OR you could take this course and have everything you need in one place. Organized.

No more confusion. No more mixed messages. No more fruitless research.

Everything you need to start up an Amazon business is in this course.

In this step-by-step video course
you'll learn how to...


Start your business off right by learning to set up a professional legitimate business.


Learn the necessary steps to take and tools to use to find profitable products that will sell on Amazon.


Amazon requires you to protect your inventory prior to shipping it to the Fulfilment centers. You will learn all the proper techniques you will need to protect your inventory from damage.

"Your FBA course is amazing, You guys are cover everything that the beginner like me need to know before start the business. Thank you so much. " ~ Rataon Khajonsirikul

"I want to stop and take moment to thank you ladies. My dream is to be self-employed in the near future. I took the FBA course and I believe it really got me focused and heading in the right direction. Your methodical approach and sincere, yet no-nonsense, style are great." ~ Genna Buffin

And we'll help you...


With Amazon FBA you send all your inventory to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. You will learn the processes and rules to follow to ensure your inventory will arrive safely.


Running a business comes will a constant flow of financial decisions. We will guide you along the way and teach you what you need to do to grow your business and make smarter purchasing decisions.


With any business there are many new things to learn and practice. You will never be short on action steps during this course and beyond.

With Start FBA Today we will support you by...

  • Providing ACTION STEPS in 22 online training videos (6 hours of instruction broken down into manageable lengths) to conquer analysis paralysis and get your first shipment shipped into Amazon
  • Offering continued ENCOURAGEMENT and practical ADVICE via in-course chat and our Facebook community so nothing holds you back. 
  • Helping you tackle overwhelm with life-time access to STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO TUTORIALS, CHECKLISTS, and WORKSHEETS that you can watch or use over and over again. 
  • Equipping you with the INSTRUCTION and MATERIALS you need to get your Amazon business up and running in a profitable direction. 


All of this for a
one-time payment of



"So Excited!!First time I heard about Amazon FBA was About a month and a half ago. After endless hours of youtube Also took START FBA TODAY. I finely have my first shipment out the door. " ~ Mary Mullet

"This course does everything for you but open your account and ship your items. I was able to watch the course at my own pace and understand what...I needed to start making my dream come true. Your course gave me the motivation and help I needed to get my Amazon business off the ground." ~ Yvette Martinez


Start FBA Today includes 5 modules with a total of 22 step-by-step videos with supporting checklists, work sheets and templates. 

Module 1: Getting Started
- Setting up Your Business
- Understanding the Market Place
- What You Need

Module 2: Finding Products to Sell
- Sourcing Opportunities
- Amazon Seller Fundamentals
- Smart Sourcing

Module 3: Sending Products to Amazon
- Processes & Systems
- Processing a Shipment
- Shipment Tips & Tricks

Module 4: What's Next

Module 5: FAQs

You will have full access to the entire course immediately after purchase with lifetime access including any future updates. We encourage you to work at a pace that is right for you. Watch the videos as many times as necessary to learn the skills you need to move forward.

We’ve seen clients start with as little as $100. Ideally it would best to start with $500 or more for a few essential tools and the bulk of it for inventory.

Consistency is much more important that the amount of time spent. The ideal time commitment would be 3 hours per day or 15 hours per week to start. Many start with just one hour per day. The more time you have to invest the faster your business will grow.

Don’t worry! Products are abundant and you can start as soon as you learn the skills to pick the right products, which we will teach you in the course. We’ve sold products from our own homes, Retail stores, thrift stores, garage sales, wholesale vendors and even from Facebook marketplace.

YES. Within the course there is a place to ask questions under each video. We also have a Facebook Community full of other Amazon sellers just like you who are looking for answers and support. You can join us here. Use the codeword #SFTPreview to join.

If you complete the entire course and are still feeling stuck or unsure, please reach out to us. We are happy to work with you on a resolution that is right for you.

"I can't tell you how happy I was to find a course that literally walked you through EVERY step of the process. I sent my first shipment in 3 weeks after purchasing their course. Hard work and dedication along with a solid plan really pays off. " ~ Hilary Stiefelmeyer

"I hemmed and hawed about starting an FBA business for 2-3 years, stuck in analysis paralysis and fear of failure. Then, in the fall of 2017 I… got the push to JUST START… So I did. And because of you girls, I baby-stepped my way to over $16,000 in sales since mid-October. My expectations were blown away."
Megan Olsen


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