AF207 - How to Succeed as an Amazon Seller?

If you have ever wondered what it takes to succeed as an Amazon seller (and, really, who among us hasn’t?), today’s episode has the answer for you: practice. I have found over the years that there is a common thread running through situations where sellers seem to hit roadblocks on their path to success, and that is a lack of thorough, consistent, and intentional practice. So, get ready for a dose of tough love today as I go through the need for, benefits of, and strategies around building practice into your business in order to work toward the success I so very much wish for all of you. 

I’ll start off by reminding you of our Facebook group and the many great ideas and tips that are routinely exchanged there, and then it’s all about practice – intentionality, setting realistic goals, learning to do things for yourself, taking assessments, and how the Wholesale Bundle Framework is the perfect vehicle for all of this. We’ll also examine what practice actually looks like, including breaking goals into small steps, getting started, practicing the most important skills first, practicing intentionally, and the role that motivation plays throughout this entire process. Unfortunately, too many people seem unwilling to take the proper action in a consistent way to move forward, and I really don’t want that for you, so I hope you accept today’s tough love in the spirit in which it is offered - tough love gets results, and if you want results, you have to practice. 

This week on the Amazon Files:

  •  Joining the Facebook group
  •  The value of practice
  •  Practicing intentionally
  •  The biggest problems people have in achieving success
  •  Setting realistic goals
  •  Learning to do things for yourself
  •  Taking an assessment of where you are at right now
  •  The Wholesale Bundle Framework
  •  Breaking down what practice looks like
  •  The 20 Hour Rule
  •  Breaking your goal into small steps
  •  Getting started
  •  Practicing the most important skills first
  •  Intentional practice
  •  Your motivation
  •  Taking assessments  

“I'm just asking you to practice the process thoroughly, and intentionally, and consistently. I know that's a lot to ask, right? But y'all want to know how do you get faster, more efficient, at creating bundles? This is how - it's practice.”

 - Kristin Ostrander




“We are all in control of our own actions, our own excuses, our own time, our own efforts.”

“There are solutions to almost all problems. It's just a matter of execution and intentionality.”

“Practice is the only thing that's going to give you tips on how to move forward.”  

“The one thing that can kill your goals and your motivation and give you the most fear and anxiety is having such a big goal, and then setting yourself up for failure.”

“You have to start with the basics and the fundamentals of doing anything.”

“I have this whole free video that shows you exactly step by step how to find 1000s of vendors in one day. And yet people still come to me and say I can't find vendors.”

“You won't appreciate the end result as much if you didn't put the work in the middle.”

“Practicing the skill, looking at intentional places to improve is how you get better at something, period.”

“In the beginning, we're talking about committing to 20 hours of practice for just research.”

“The great news about learning how to wholesale bundle is the fact that it's already broken down for you in small steps.”    

“At the end of each practice session, you need to adjust things in order to get better. Adjust your execution, adjust your focus, adjust the tabs that you have open up, making notes of what do you need to do the next time to improve this.”

“Knowing where your weaknesses are, that's not a bad thing. That's an excellent thing.”

“What is the way to get better? Learning, practicing, correcting, learning, practicing, correcting. Because in practice, that's the whole point.”

“The single biggest factor to practice and keep practicing, it's your motivation. Without sustained motivation, practice loses focus.”

“Your purpose and your long term value of learning this skill need to coincide with why you want what you want.”

“Let the success be the learning of the skill.” 

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