AF196 - GTIN UPC and Brand Registry updates 2021

branding gtin May 31, 2021

I have been talking about brand registry on Amazon for some time now; OK, it’s been over two years. I am going to say I told you so, but also follow that up with a hug. I have been branded on Amazon since 2015. I genuinely believe it helps protect your account, brand, and everything else as an Amazon seller. I know some of you will be thinking, ‘I don’t want a brand; I don’t want to sign up for that.’ So, let’s talk about what having a brand registry means and why it’s important to you, especially if you use Amazon bundles as part of your business model.

It’s not something you need to be scared of... but it’s something you should be aware of.

Today, I talk about the current issues many of you are having when trying to list bundles with your GTIN exemptions. I explain what is happening regarding the brand registry on Amazon right now and what we can expect to become part of their policy. I explore the differences between brand approval and brand registry and what Amazon is currently accepting for you to be considered brand registered. I share why these brand registry requirements are great for your business and how you can create your brand bundles. I also share some good news coming from GS1 about UPCs as well as some great resources you can use for affordable custom packaging.

“What Amazon wants to verify is that you’re a legitimate brand; and legitimate brands usually have trademarks and custom packaging.” - Kristin Ostrander 

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Current issues with listing bundles on Amazon if you have a GTIN exemption
  • What is happening right now on Amazon regarding brand registry
  • The difference between brand approval and brand registry
  • What Amazon is currently accepting for you to become brand registered
  • Why Amazon has these brand registry requirements in place, and how that helps you
  • What a bundle brand is and how you can create your own
  • Good news about UPCs from GS1
  • Resources for affordable custom packaging


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