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You need a plan that sets you apart from the competition

Wholesale bundling is the top-selling strategy for continued growth on Amazon.

In order to succeed on Amazon long term, you need a plan that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Wholesale bundles are the best way to set yourself up for Amazon selling success now and in the future.


FAST TRACK Your Way to Wholesale Bundle Success

Are you ready to...

Save time and cut your
research hours in half?
Position yourself for long-term success on Amazon?
Provide buyers exactly what
they are looking for?

Then You're Ready to Join Us...

Join us for this special one-day workshop where the focus will be on transforming YOU into a confident bundle creator. This face-to-face learning experience will be full of detailed, hands-on instruction. YOU will walk away with the skills to confidently and consistently create bundles that will meet the needs of Amazon customers.

Only 24 Seats Available 

If you want to become a confident bundle creator, now is the time to register. With the small intimate setting we have planned, there are only enough seats for 24 attendees per location. Don't wait to register! I want to help you take your business to the next level.

With the whirlwind of busyness that came with making the decision to GO to Atlanta... it was very much worth the trip! Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant to jump in because of the fear of being the only dude, but as fate would have it, there were other guys with similar goals and experiences. It was very valuable in taking the leap and actually going to the conference. I walked away not only equipped with powerful knowledge and skills, (that I totally have to perfect and hone) but also in my opinion, truly good friendships that I would not have otherwise.

~ Joey  Haentzler ~ 

You CAN become a CONFIDENT bundler
with this intensive one day training

Why an In-person Workshop?

Online classes are amazing, but they are no substitute for in-person interactions. PERSONAL energy is contagious. Nothing compares to the experience of being in a room full of excited Amazon sellers discovering new ideas and having awesome breakthroughs together.

The best online course in the world can’t compare to the experience of coming together in real life. Sitting across the table from other smart and savvy sellers will help everyone grow in ways online courses cannot replicate.

We keep our workshops small so that we can focus on YOUR business. Small groups create a deep level of learning that simply can’t be duplicated in a large conference environment. This means we can spend more time with each of you answering questions and guiding you through the bundle creation process.

I went to this last workshop in Columbus. It was amazing. I am a hands on learner and love to ask questions as I go. Having  Kristin walk us through each step and the thought process behind each step was worth every penny to me. I did take the online course and learned a lot from it. The walkthrough on the trade show floor was awesome too. Seeing her work the floor like a boss and taking note of what she asked and how she presented herself and her business was well worth the trip.

~ Vivian Smith ~ 

Kristin Ostrander, thank you ladies for a great Bundlers Workshop weekend. I learned to look at bundling from a very different perspective and I feel much more confident in moving forward with an actual game plan. Your energy was electric and contagious!

~ Jane Menz Brewer ~ 

A Guided Tradeshow Walkthrough creates confidence!

Some may wonder why I provide my students with guided tradeshow walkthroughs. The simple answer is confidence!

Tradeshows can be very overwhelming and intimidating. There are hundreds, sometimes thousands of vendors and millions of products to sort through. Just knowing where to begin is enough to make anyone quit before they start. 

In your guided tradeshow walkthrough, you will have the opportunity to see me demonstrate these conversations with vendors. Then you will PRACTICE these conversations yourselves. I will take a previously intimidating experience and help you feel more confident in what to say, what to do and what types of products will be a good fit for bundles.

Already have wholesale experience? No worries, the guided walkthrough is optional for those who’ve got this part covered. 

~ Ryan Parman ~

Good bye Atlanta, it’s been wonderful! A busy weekend of learning, shopping and meeting some amazing people! I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings. Thank you Kristin for putting together such an amazing program.

~ Natasha de Caires ~

Thank you Mommy Income for the incredible workshop! Before the workshop with just your online course my 1st bundle sold in 2 weeks of reaching Amazon and now my 2nd bundle sold within 1 week of reaching Amazon...With all the scoops that we got at the workshop I am really excited to see what happens now!!!

~Becky Cousins ~

I just want to say a big thank you to Kristin Ostrander for hosting an amazing workshop in Atlanta! I learned so much in the few hours we were together, met some amazing people, made some new friends, and walked away from the weekend feeling inspired and ready to move my business to the next level!

By Attending This Workshop...

You will walk away with clear, actionable steps to improve your bundling skills.
In one day I will help you:

  • Discover the anatomy of a successful bundle
  • Refine and improve your research process
  • Implement a proven process you can replicate again and again
  • Apply new skills with hands on bundle creation
  • Increase sales by developing products that solve problems and add value
  • Reduce competition by creating unique product bundles
  • Confidently communicate with wholesalers vendors
  • Find manufacturers and distributors for potential bundle components
  • Develop a better understanding of your customer
  • Organize your research to save time and increase efficiency 

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of information you'll be learning. I’ve broken it down into workable pieces so you can walk away confidently building wholesale bundles.

Register Now

Do you want to...

Confidently build
profitable bundles?
Turn faster research
into profits?

I'm ready to help YOU do all of this right now!

Here is what your day of learning will look like...

☕ Coffee & Welcome

The doors will open @ 8:30 am to give everyone time to grab some coffee (or tea)  and meet the other attendees. We'll start right at 9:00 am with a welcome and brief introductions. I don't want to waste one second of your time.

Session 1: Think Like a Bundler

In this session, I'll help you make the necessary mindset shift that will help you gain confidence in bringing bundles you know will sell to the Amazon marketplace time and time again.

Session 2: The Key to Successful Bundles

There are many keys to a successful bundle. This interactive session will help you discover how to research, locate and dissect whether a bundle is right for the Amazon marketplace. This includes live demonstrations and deep diving into the Wholesale Bundle Framework™.

Lunch Break

Lunch is included

Session 3: Hands-On Bundle Creation

This is when we get down to business. In small groups you will walk through each step of the bundle creation process with our guidance and feedback. You will build a profitable bundle in just a few hours.

Session 4: Presentations and Q&A

Each group will present their profitable bundles and we will work together to provide insight and feedback for continued growth. Afterwards we will dive into an intimate question and answer session where you can gain more clarity on specific problems you’ve experienced.

Are you ready to
ut your research time in half
while increasing your profits?

Which package should I sign up for?

Our online course, the Wholesale Bundle System™, is required learning prior to attending the Confident Wholesale Bundler's Workshop™. It will give you the knowledge foundation you need to have the best possible experience. 

Existing Wholesale Bundle System students, please sign up as a current student below.  If you have not taken the course please choose the new student package which includes the complete Wholesale Bundle System. 

** The Wholesale Bundle System™ is a prerequisite to attend a Confident Wholesale Bundler's Workshop™.

*** Tickets are Non-refundable (but are transferable) see our Terms and Conditions


~ Debbie Joyce ~

I put 10% of my profits back into education and tools each month and I can honestly say I have grown so much this year by bundling and not having to compete with other sellers. Kristin Ostrander has taught me so much.

~ Jeannine Puehler ~

The Atlanta workshop on Friday was wonderful! It was great to meet many of you in person and I learned lots! Used what I learned today at the show and it was a success! Can’t wait to get home and start building bundles! Thank you so much Kristin Ostrander for sharing your knowledge with us - especially giving us such individualized attention. 

~ Kassey Lean~

Thanks to the Lansing workshop, I have enough wholesale accounts and two awesome sales rep I met in the trade show walk through. Sign up for [the next workshop]. It's eye opening and will make your process really more refined.

I went to the Philly workshop and it was well worth the money. Nothing like the hands on experience of building bundles with small groups in the workshop while Kristin coaches you through each of the steps.

~ Evan Rogers ~ 

Common Questions

You'll be working face-to-face with us, getting your questions answered in real-time. Some other benefits of this workshop include:

  • Learning and developing skills with other like minded sellers
  • Focused small group environment encourages accountability, creativity and confidence
  • Receive answers to your most important bundle questions 
  • Personal interaction creates a dynamic unmatched by a computer screen

100% Yes. In fact, completion of the wholesale bundles system is required in order to attend. Once you’ve been through the course you are in the best possible position to take advantage of this personal interaction. You'll have the foundational information you need to step up your game and improve your bundling skills beyond the basics.

The personal walk-through will be reserved for those attending the workshop. However it is not required. If you already have experience with trade shows and wholesale vendor communication feel free to skip the guided walk though it is an optional perk for you to tag along.

For certain locations, Yes! Click the city of your choice and review the options. Due to certain dates we are not able to offer payment plans on all events. Please review the terms and conditions for full payment plan and refund policy details.

Our workshops are for anyone looking to level up their Amazon businesses with wholesale bundles.

Each workshop has been an excellent mix of men and women, beginners and advanced sellers who desire to grow by adding wholesale bundling to their current business model.

If you are looking to virtually eliminate competition, set yourself apart from the rest of the FBA selling crowd and learn a proven research method you can continually replicate then this workshop is for YOU. If you have an open active Amazon account and have sent in at least one shipment to a fulfillment center then you are ready for wholesale bundling.

We strive for each Confident Wholesale Bundlers Workshop Student to have the best possible experience. Due to the extensive planning and logistics of each live event, tickets are non-refundable.*WORKSHOP REGISTRATION CANCELLATION POLICY*

In the event of any cancellation, 50% of your ticket cost will be refunded and the digital workbook and course material is yours to keep.

Should you have any questions about our refund policy, please email us [email protected]

Our Wholesale Bundles System is a prerequisite in order to gain the best possible experience from this one day workshop event. If you have not taken the course you have the option to purchase the workshop and the course during the checkout process. 

Already have the course? You are more than ready for this hands-on event!

The trade show walkthough is included with the workshop. If you already have experience with wholesale vendor communication or trade shows feel free to make other plans. This part is optional.

If you are stuck, frustrated, or a little burned out on your Amazon business, I highly recommend getting recharged by attending one of the workshops coming up. Working with Amy and Kristin one on one was the "adrenaline shot" that I needed to get my year started off. I am a believer that if I can attend a training and walk away with 2 new ideas or tips to improve my business, it is worth it. Well, I came out of the Atlanta workshop with a dozen, or so, new ideas, tips, and tricks.

~ Lori Tomonto ~ 


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