AF178 - Guide to Trademarks with Ben Becker

guest experts Jan 25, 2021

Whether you want to be a household name or a small Amazon business, trademarking and brand registration with the US PTO is essential to your business’s success. Benjamin Becker, a trademark attorney and founder of the Royal Trademark Law Services, is passionate about educating business owners from all walks of life on growing their brands and hitting new business milestones. Ben stresses that, like with any other kind of businesses, an essential part of keeping your Amazon business going and growing is through trademark registration and protection.

Ben joins me today to discuss the process of having your brand registered and trademarked. He describes what Amazon business owners need to have their products trademarked and reveals how long the process takes. He explains why it’s better to hire a trademark attorney than to go through the process by yourself. He also shares the many benefits of having your products trademarked and underscores how you can make the brand registration process easier. 

“A trademark is a good asset to have. It shows your customers you’re somebody they can trust.” - Ben Becker 

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Why you need a US trademark and brand registry for your Amazon business
  • How registering your brand to Amazon protects you and gives you more privileges
  • Ben’s recommendations on do-it-yourself US trademarking
  • How long it takes to process trademarks and why it’s better to hire a trademark attorney
  • The basic requirements of applying for a wordmark
  • Why Ben recommends using standard characters for wordmarking
  • The difference between use-in-commerce versus intent-to-use applications
  • Increasing your chances of getting approved through conflict research
  • How getting trademarked gives you peace of mind
  • How getting brand registered made everything easier for my Amazon business



Connect with Ben Becker:

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