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Are you ready to...

SMASH YOUR COMPETITION on Amazon and DOUBLE YOUR SALES this year while WORKING FEWER HOURS from the comfort of your own home?


Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • You drive from store to store, scanning products to find a few golden nuggets but not enough to fill your cart. 
  • You scour the web for online deals to flip only to find falling prices as soon as it hits the warehouse.
  • You find a good replenishable product and discover after a few months that 15 other people have found the same thing, or worse it becomes restricted.
  • You struggle through long frustrating days of not finding enough products to sell.

We've been there and we feel your pain!


How did we break free?

After 9 years of selling on Amazon, we’d had enough of this frustrating cycle. As our businesses and competition grew we knew we had to make a change if we wanted to keep growing.

We saw others growing and posting big numbers and we knew it was possible.

Yeah, BUT....

  • I don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in inventory?
    No problem!
  • I am still a very small seller, how will I get my breakthrough?
    We've got you covered!
  • Will I ever be able to realize my dream and replace my 9-5 income?
    It takes hustle, but YES!

We asked the same questions....
and then we got to work diving into wholesale bundles

What Happened?

As soon as we began our journey into wholesale bundles our businesses experienced never before seen growth. We grew, and grew and grew.

So fast, in fact, we couldn’t keep up.

We have had so much success with wholesale bundling in the past two years we had to share it with you.

This kind of excitement can’t be kept to ourselves

We care about you and your business...

If you’ve watched any of our videos, you know how much we care about you and your business. We want you to have the same excitement and growth we have experienced.

You can start with wholesale bundling for as little as $500.

We have doubled our sales in less than 2 years with no additional funds. No credit cards, no random windfall of money landed in our lap. We increased our ROI by adding wholesale bundles and eliminated the competition by creating unique bundles that other sellers are unable copy.

No More...

  • price tanking.
  • driving from store to store hoping to find profitable products.
  • doing what everyone else is doing.

This REALLY Works!
But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...

These people are among the hundreds who have added wholesale bundles to their Amazon FBA repertoire and are making huge profits by killing their competition.

Debbie Joyce

Kristin Ostrander and Amy Feierman you have taught me so much. My sales in May are what I was last Q4. I'm 96% buy box and I have 6 bundles "Amazon Choice". THANK YOU! I'm also > less than 1% returns. 😍😍😍😘

April Felt

I began focusing on wholesale bundles at the end of 2017 and they finally began to take off in early 2018. Last month I saw a 500% increase in sales over my average month!! It's so exciting to see that success IS possible! Thanks Amy and Kristin for teaching us how to follow in your footsteps! 😀

Rebecca Van Diest

My biggest shipment to date 🤗 11 boxes, 438 lbs, 427 units, 21 skus. Took 4 and a half hours for my employee and I to prep. Been doing FBA for 1 year now and sales are over 15k for past 30 days. This is now officially my full time job. Thank you Kristin and Amy for teaching me with your videos and courses! I wouldn't be where I am without you. Wholesale and bundles are a game changer.

Now It's Your Turn

We want to share the exact system we have
used for the past 2 years
to achieve this type of growth.

The Amazon FBA Wholesale Bundle System

In this course, we combine our simple wholesale system with our unique bundle methods and create product bundles no one else can sell. This system can also be called "Poor Man's Private Label" because it is inexpensive, with no long term commitments and no overseas sourcing.

You have complete freedom to do your own thing in your own time with your own budget.

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Here is what a few more of our students had to say...

Jeannine Puehler

The Wholesale and Bundles course was very helpful. I increased my sales by including bundles in my product line and this class took the fear out of contacting wholesalers… Once I understood how selling wholesale would stabilize my business, I knew that it was something I needed to start right away. Also, bundling my fast-selling items and creating my own listings has taken away the stress of daily repricing to stay competitive. 

Cindy Troast

By implementing what I learned in the wholesale and/or bundles classes, I learned how to make educated & informed decisions about the type of products to buy. That saved me from "guessing" & making mistakes with my purchases. I chose to start bundling so I could create unique products for customers to fulfill specific needs and lessen my competition.

Olesya Richards

I just got an email from a wholesaler to move forward with the approval! YAY!!! The line is so cute, can't wait to bundle it ! BTW the wholesale and bundling course is awesome, gave me so much more confidence to move forward. Get it if you haven't yet :)

Are you ready to join these and hundreds of other students who have taken this course?

We have put together a step-by-step video course designed to walk you through getting started with wholesale bundles. And, don’t worry, we will never leave you alone. We are available to respond to your questions as you go through the course. Below each video is a comment section. You can ask questions and see responses to previous questions right inside the course. We respond to questions promptly to ensure you can move forward.

You will also have lifetime access to the system along with any updates we make. Go at your own pace!

PRE-ORDER Wholesale Bundles 2.0

Learn from the Experts

Kristin Ostrander & Amy Feierman

We have more than 15 years of e-commerce sales experience between the two of us. Between our youtube videos, podcasts, coaching and courses we have taught 1000 hours of Amazon educational material. We are well equipped to guide you down the path of Amazon selling success.

Over the years we’ve practiced, tweaked and pivoted our way to developing the wholesale bundle goldmine that is the core of our businesses today. We’re ready to bring you alongside us and save you from experiencing the struggles and challenges that we faced. What you won’t find here: fluff and get rich quick nonsense. What you will find: a keep it real, authentic approach to finding success on Amazon by two moms trying to make a difference in the lives of others.