Best Product Bundles [Seasonal vs Evergreen]

There are many different seasonal holidays throughout the year. Some sales seasons are long, like Christmas, while others are short, like St. Patrick’s Day. With this in mind, as a wholesale Amazon seller, you are likely wondering where to put your focus. Trying to find a balance between how much focus and attention you should give to seasonal and evergreen products can be a challenge for new and veteran sellers alike. There are many decisions you need to make, including how to make your cashflow work when running evergreen bundles and planning for seasons.

In this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of seasonal versus evergreen product bundles. We share how to adapt to short and long term seasonal holidays and highlight how shopping habits have changed in recent years. We reveal why research is harder for seasonal items and why you need to plan to ensure your cashflow is primed for the different seasons. We also share the advantages of evergreen bundles and discuss how to deal with discontinued items. 

“There's always an element of risk, so it depends on how much risk you want to take and how much time you want to spend making bundles.” - Amy Feierman

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • The pros and cons of evergreen and seasonal bundles.
  • How your personality might affect which type of bundle you choose.
  • Adapting and testing bundle ideas for different seasons.
  • Adapting to short and long-term holidays and seasons.
  • Determining whether to spread the net wide or go deep on a few bundles.
  • How more people shopping last-minute can determine the way you handle your inventory.
  • Why research is harder and less predictable with seasonal items.
  • The difficulty of seasonal cashflow and planning ahead.
  • The risks of following trends.
  • Why the longevity and replenishable nature of evergreen bundles are their most significant advantage.
  • Using less popular keywords and creating bundle variations.
  • How to add value to bundles and ensure that others don't copy them.  



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