Faster Amazon FBA Product Research [2019]

product research video Sep 23, 2019


Time is the most precious commodity around. No matter if you are Oprah or Brad Pitt time is the only thing we can’t get more of.

168 hours a week is all we get. 

If you find that you are having trouble finding profitable products to sell on Amazon and it is taking forever to do the research we have something for you that will speed up the process and lead more products to bundle.

Product research is a nemesis for many Amazon sellers

Are you constantly spinning your wheels looking for products only to find that you’ve wasted 6 hours doing “research” but all you have are 85 open browser tabs?

We hear this all too often!

Let’s talk about WHY research is taking you a long time.

Researching products and niches you know NOTHING about
- toys when you don’t interact with kids on a regular basis
- home goods if you aren't into decorating
- auto parts if you know nothing about cars

Trying to research EVERYTHING and finding nothing
- PICK ONE niche one catalog ONE page
- look in ONE category at a time
- use your knowledge bank

You don’t have a gameplan/process
You research when you “feel” like it or when it “fits”
You jump around from site looking for just the right product
You rabbit trail
You don’t document your findings in the same place
You have no steps to take

We want to share with you how we can find profitable bundle ideas in a few hours of work each week.  In our workshops, we teach this and put our students to work and they use it to find profitable bundles in a few hours and present theme to the class.

It CAN be done
It CAN be faster

Wholesale Bundle System™

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