Should you stop selling on Amazon?

amazon files podcast May 27, 2019

Running a business is no walk in the park - and building an Amazon business is no different. As the owners of our business, we wear many hats and have many tasks to accomplish in order to build our Amazon empires. It’s not uncommon for Amazon sellers to begin feeling overwhelmed and begin contemplating whether they should just throw in the towel on their business and move on to something less stressful and overwhelming.

But, should you really stop selling on Amazon?

In this podcast, we highlight all of the things you should consider before deciding whether you should stop selling on Amazon. We share how stepping back from your Amazon business and asking yourself questions will help you determine if you need to pivot your whole business or just make a few changes. We reveal the benefits of outsourcing the tasks that you don’t like to do and share the things to watch for when hiring. We also explain the importance of teaching your new hire to do things the way you want them to.

“At some point, to grow and be the best business owner you can be, you have to let go of the things that you don’t enjoy or are not good at.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files:

    • The importance of stepping back and asking contemplating questions.
    • Recognizing the tasks that you are ignoring.
    • When you should consider outsourcing a task.
    • Investing in learning how to run different parts of your business.
    • The indicators that will help you decide if you should stay or pivot your business.
    • Creating a list of the tasks you like and don’t.
    • Hiring the right person and growing your business by outsourcing.
    • Training your hire to do it your way.
    • Taking one step at a time to move your business towards what you want it to be.


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