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amazon fba q4 Oct 10, 2021

Q4, the fourth quarter of the year and the most wonderful time of the year for us as sellers, is upon us once again. Thanks to the many holidays that occur during these months from October to December, Q4 ends up being the biggest selling season of the year, and with the statistics, insights, and tips I share with you here today, it can end up being a huge success for you as well.

Once again this week, I’ll start by sharing some exciting information about the upcoming workshops, and then we’ll dig into the details about Q4, especially some statistics regarding it, which you know I love. Along the way, I’ll review a number of product ideas for the 3 major Q4 holidays as well as my 3 key tips for the season, its top spending categories, and the importance of understanding your customer. We’ll finish off by looking at the top 5 reasons people purchase from Amazon. Whether this is your first Q4 as a seller or you’re a seasoned veteran, today’s episode gives you all you need to know to ensure this one is massively successful for you and your business.

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This week on the Amazon Files:  

  •     Upcoming Workshops
  •     Q4 and some statistics about it
  •     Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas product ideas
  •     Kristin’s tips for Q4
  •     Top Q4 spending categories statistics
  •     Understanding your customer
  •     The top 5 reasons people purchase from Amazon

“What kind of speed and variety and convenience are you going to bring to the table this holiday? Because you don't want to miss out on all of that holiday shopping, right?”

- Kristin Ostrander




“What happens in October, November and December? Holidays, holidays, holidays, and lots of online shopping. And it's the biggest selling season of the year for resellers and retailers, especially for e-commerce, Amazon.”

“Things are coming back. People are going to have Halloween this year, they're going to be trick or treating, they're going to be decorating, they're going to be wearing costumes, they're going to be dressing up their pets. What does that mean for you? It means product, product, product, and more product.”

“A lot of people right before Halloween do home improvements because everybody's coming in from out of town and families are coming in and seeing them.”

“There are people that never go to the store, they buy everything online. Either they're busy or they're homebound or they don't feel like it or the store’s too far away or they don't have the selection that they want and they're a little small town or they just don't care to go to the store, period. Those are all your customers.”

“You need to know what people are spending money on on a regular basis.”

“These are the things that they buy for themselves in this order: food, clothes, shoes, books, and health and beauty stuff.”

“Even 18% of households who do not currently have Amazon Prime memberships make purchases on Amazon during holidays.”

“So think about it, $50 bundles gifts for men, women, children, bosses. All kinds of different types of products with bundles are everywhere.”

“You want to go wide and not deep. Buy a vast variety of products but don't go super deep in all of them.”

Speed is everything in this time of year, speed is everything,”

“It's Q4 - you're going to work a little bit more, but you're also going to earn more. So it really does work out.”

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