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The Amazon Files HUB is a member-driven training center for Wholesale Bundle students to help scale their business. You'll get instant access to exclusive training videos, demos, monthly group coaching sessions, PLUS additional community support and fun with like-minded Amazon sellers!
Member Driven Training

As a member, you will have direct input into what training comes next. We only want to teach what you need to know to gain more clarity in your business. The existing content in the Hub library is a direct result of members sharing where they’ve gotten stuck and what they need to learn more about. You ask, we answer!


Bundle-focused Community

Access to private community of bundlers to share ideas and feedback.

Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

Do you want direct answers to specific questions? Each month we host a one-hour coaching session where you can ask anything and everything. This is where you can get the help you need to move past your struggles. With a safe and collaborative environment, there is no need to worry about [your ideas being leaked to the masses].


Instant Training Library Access

All current and past HUB trainings with no restrictions. 

Join the HUB

The HUB is a fantastic place to interact and seek advice from like-minded entrepreneurs. There’s a diverse group of people willing to lend their perspectives. Timely and advanced training topics help you prepare to move your business forward. It’s a fantastic resource to UP your game and challenge yourself. Since becoming a member of the HUB my sales are up! My ASP is up! The time I’m spending growing my business instead of being busy in my business is up!

~ Ryan Parman

The HUB is not just about learning how to bundle, it is so much more than that. Besides learning in-depth research techniques for making the best bundles, my business has become more organized since joining the HUB. It helps me with document management, time management, and to know my numbers.

~ Caitlyn Gleckman

Transform the Way You Sell - STOP Doing it Alone

By becoming a HUB member you’ll get answers to questions specific to your circumstances. You’ll learn more advanced skills that are required for the next level of business:

  • Brand Registry
  • Successful Outsourcing
  • Top-level Data Analysis
  • Organizational Processes

Inside the HUB you will have direct access to Kristin, your dynamic mentor who is in the trenches with you. She not only shares her knowledge and experience with you, but also practices the same strategies she teaches which generate over 1 million dollars in bundle sales every year.

Boost your results by learning how to stay organized, troubleshoot problems and scale your Amazon empire by becoming more efficient and streamlined. Access to everything you need to scale your business:

  • Video Trainings
  • Step-by-step Worksheets
  • Round Table Discussions
  • Group Accountability

Kristin is active in the HUB with posts, comments, questions, live videos, and so much encouragement!  The monthly trainings are live online and I feel like I’m in the same room with them as I’m getting direct answers to everything I ask. If you are truly looking to grow your AZ business through their wholesale bundle system this is the place you want to be especially if you want to grow faster.

~ Michelle Maple

Meet the Bundle Queen
Kristin Ostrander

A dynamic Amazon selling mom who dedicates her energy to helping others start and scale businesses on Amazon using the signature Wholesale Bundle System™. With more than 18 years of e-commerce experience Kristin is fully equipped to teach the necessary skills online sellers need to take their business to a more advanced level.

With a unique wholesale bundle approach to Amazon backed by a proven Wholesale Bundle Framework™, She has generated over $6 million in online sales. 



Read this before you join:

The Hub membership is exclusive for current students of the Wholesale Bundle System only. Please select your status below to get access.



⭐️ Featured Training ⭐️

The HUB Library is FULL of training and resources!

Sneak Peek 😎

Here is a sneak peek of an over-the-shoulder DEMO that teaches sellers how to navigate through their vendor catalogs. This was a big hit with HUBBERS and is FREE, along with 40+ other training courses waiting inside for you. Click below image to see a secret preview of a recent training:

⭐️ Student Success Stories ⭐️

HUBBERS say this is their number one resource for consistent ongoing support to help trouble shoot their Amazon business challenges and overcome common obstacles like suspended listings, GTIN Exemptions and international selling.

Common Questions

  • How long will I have access to the training and content inside the HUB?
  • You will have access to the entire training library as long as you maintain your HUB membership. If you choose to cancel your membership your HUB access will be terminated immediately. 

  • I'm not a Wholesale Bundle student. Can I still become a member of the HUB?
  • Think of The HUB as the advanced training center for Amazon education. It is exclusively reserved for those who have already taken our Wholesale Bundles System. Inside the Hub, we dive deeper into the Wholesale Bundle Framework that is the core of our Wholesale Bundles System. In order to gain the highest benefit and experience from the additional material created inside the membership, our main course, the Wholesale Bundles System, is required prior to joining the HUB.

  • If I decide the Hub is not a good fit for me, how do I cancel my membership?
  • Cancelation is easy. Simply send an email to our customer service department at [email protected] with the subject line MEMBERSHIP CANCELATION and we will process your request.  Keep in mind that when you sign up you locked in your membership fee as long as you remain a member. If the price increases after you join and you decide to cancel, you will lose your locked-in rate.

  • I don’t have Facebook, can I still join the HUB?
  • YES. Although we utilize the Facebook platform to connect with one another for community and accountability, all training, Q&A sessions, and membership content lives inside your HUB student portal. You will receive regular email communication from us regarding any new training or announcements about your membership. While Facebook is great for connection and community you will reap all the benefits of the HUB with or without it.

  • What happens if I cancel my membership but want to come back?
  • You will always be welcomed back into the community. Keep in mind that when you sign up you lock in your membership fee. If the price increases after you join and you decide to cancel, you will have to register at the current price.

  • I’ve taken many other Amazon courses and programs before. Will I learn something new?
  • When it comes to Amazon FBA education, we know what’s out there. We can confidently say, YES, you’ll learn something new because this program is based on the unique processes that we’ve created and refined over the 10+ years we’ve been selling online. Simply put, you can’t learn this stuff anywhere else.

*all prices in USD

  • Immediate Access to 80+ Previous Trainings and Group Coaching Sessions

  • Continuous support & training, including Direct Messages*

  • Access to Amazon Files HUB
    Private Facebook Community**

If you’ve scrolled this far, I KNOW you are longing to grow your business. 

If you are still here you are excited about what the future might hold if you try this,
you owe it to yourself to h
onestly answer these questions:

What if just ONE strategy you learn in the HUB...
is the exact answer you need to breakthrough into bigger profits?

What if one single HUB training...
brings you a lightbulb moment  that turns your sales plateau into a mountain of growth?

What if you make a connection that...
leads to true accountability, great ideas and genuine feedback that will improve your overall business performance?

Would that be worth $57? 

Can you really put a price on saving hundreds of hours of learning time and thousands of dollars in mistakes?

What would it feel like to be on the other side of what if? To have your name alongside the Amazon success stories our community has created?

Be determined to create your own success story. Continue your journey by joining the Amazon Files HUB.

Get serious about your success on Amazon. 


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