AF197 - Improve Your Amazon Listings with Graphics, with Ian Bower

guest experts Jun 06, 2021

Visual representation and professionalism are essential when it comes to listing products on Amazon. Someone that lands on your page is usually already aware of what they want; now, it’s your job to close the deal. Your images and copy are going to do that for you, so listing optimization is vital.  Expert help is on hand from Ian Bower and his team at Graphic Rhythm Design. His agency helps Amazon Sellers with their visual identity by producing conversion-optimized images and brand-focused graphics. He and his team help sellers stand out from the competition and successfully launch hundreds of products on Amazon. 

Ian joins me today to share how he used his experience as an Amazon seller to launch a graphics design agency to help other sellers optimize their listings. He reveals why the images you use are so important and how you can make sure your listing has the information that the customer needs to make the buying decision. He shares how his team optimizes Amazon images for conversion and the importance of transformational imagery in a product listing. He also shares how videos affect conversion rates and the ROI you can expect when using a graphic design company for an Amazon listing.

“The images are really where conversions happen.” - Ian Bower

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Why Ian went from being an Amazon seller to helping other sellers with their branding
  • How Ian used his experiences as a seller to create the services of his design agency
  • How Ian’s design services are helping sellers move products
  • Why the imaging on your listings are so important
  • How to make sure you use your listing space for the most critical information
  • Why graphics are so crucial in Amazon listings
  • How Ian’s team optimizes images for conversion
  • The importance of transformational and lifestyle imagery in your listing
  • How important A+ content is to the consumer
  • How videos affect conversion and tips for your videos for Amazon listings
  • What you need to know about your products before approaching a graphic design agency
  • The ROI you can expect from using graphic design services for Amazon listings
  • Opportunities on Amazon to engage with your customers



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