AF224 - Characteristics of Successful People

Today’s episode is all about the characteristics of successful people—what they are, and how we can adopt them in our own lives. It’s no secret that, if we want to grow and change and be the kind of person we want to be and be successful at what we do, not just in business, but in life and everything else, there are certain characteristics that are instrumental in making that happen. Based on reading, research, and my own experience, today I’ll take you through some of the things successful people do, why they’re so effective, and how they can work for you.

First, I take a moment to talk about the recent school shooting in Oxford, Michigan—a community right next to my own—and to pay testament to how the people of Oxford have come together to support and love each other in the wake of this enormous tragedy. This leads me on to how being part of a community is an important part of success, the first of ten characteristics of successful people I discuss on the show today. Other characteristics I cover include determination, optimism, and patience, and I share some advice on developing these values in your own life, and how they will contribute to your journey to success. Finally, because I know life is pretty overwhelming right now, I encourage you to pick just one of these characteristics and work on implementing it in your life over the next month.

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This week on the Amazon Files: 

  •     The school shooting in Oxford, Michigan, and how communities can come together even in the worst of circumstances
  •     Characteristic #1: Community—being part of a community is a huge factor in becoming successful, as they offer vital support along your journey to success
  •     Characteristic #2: Courage—to be successful, you have to face the unknown by putting aside your fear and finding your courage
  •     Characteristic #3: Determination—successful people have grit and drive and don’t waver in their purpose
  •     Characteristic #4: Discipline—to be successful, you can’t just do whatever you want; you have to take action and be consistent and self-sacrificing
  •     Characteristic #5: Commitment to Learning—you can’t improve and change if you aren’t willing to learn and study new things
  •     Characteristic #6: Optimism—to be successful, you must believe that the work you put in will give the results you want
  •     Characteristic #7: Good relationships—successful people are aware of the value of their relationships and foster good personal interactions
  •     Characteristic #8: Patience—worthy and long-lasting success doesn’t come fast; it’s the result of cumulative effort and consistent action
  •     Characteristic #9: Integrity—do the right things for the right reasons, be trustworthy in business and worthy of success
  •     Characteristic #10: Servanthood and Generosity—give back to other people, share your success and your joy, and don’t give in to the hoarding mentality

“Be patient, friends, be patient with yourself, be patient with others, be patient with your business. Do the work. The results are going to come, you just have to be consistent at it.”

- Kristin Ostrander




“No one does anything great alone. You need help. You need someone to bounce ideas off of. You need support on good days and bad days. You need a coach, a mentor, a therapist, a community of people to support you. And if you don’t have that, your success is probably going to take a lot longer.”

“You’re doing something new, and because of that, you have to be brave enough to face it.”

“Dedicated, successful people are determined. They will accomplish a goal. They might have some timelines, they might have some things that they do that lack this and that, but they are determined to reach the goal.”

“Even though you’re an entrepreneur, even though you don’t have somebody standing over your shoulder telling you what to do and how to do, you can’t just do whatever you want and expect the results. You must take action, you’re going to have to give something up in order to obtain something better.”

“You can’t improve and change if you aren’t willing to learn and study new things.”

“We have to be constantly learning because the moment that you get to the top of whatever mountain you’re climbing, you know what you’re going to see? The next mountain in the distance.”

“New mountains equal new opportunities to learn.”

“Confidence comes with practice. Confidence comes with doing something over and over and knowing that you’re getting it right. And that does not come right away.”

“Small habits are the sum of our lives, our lives equal the small habits, and the small, consistent actions we have every day is something to pay attention to.”

“To be successful, you need to be honest, you need to have high integrity, you need to make sure that what you say you’re going to do is what you do. You need to be trustworthy.”

“Scarcity is bogus. Abundance is everywhere. Success is unlimited. Your earning potential can be unlimited. But you need to be serving and giving in some form or another.”

“When you learn something, when you discover something for the first time, and it just lights you up, it is not fully complete until you at least get somebody out in the world to understand and enjoy it as much as you do.”

“The rising tide raises all ships, meaning the more that you give, you not only lift others, but you lift yourself as well.”

“It’s an overall development of the person that you are and the person that you want to be.”

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