AF243 - Where Will You Be in 6 Months?

On today’s episode, I want to talk to you guys about where you’ll be in six months. Sometimes, six months seems like a long time; sometimes, it feels short. It depends on what you’re talking about. But most of us don’t take the time to think about where we’ll be half a year from now—we’re too busy being bombarded by shiny objects and things we should be doing to slow down and think about where we want to be rather than where the world is telling us we should be. This really struck home with me recently because I finally achieved something that I have been working toward for the last six months: I became a cornhole champion. This really became a goal of mine when a friend gave me a very special birthday gift, a totally ridiculous, Flavor Flav-style gold medallion that says “Cornhole Champion.” Now, I absolutely love this thing, but back then, I couldn’t wear it because it wasn’t yet my reality; I wasn’t yet a cornhole champion. But, instead of feeling bad about that, I used it as motivation to work a little bit harder, practice a little more, and keep my focus longer because I knew that title could eventually be mine—and six months later, it was!

So today, I want to encourage you to take a moment to really think about the benefit or reward you’re working toward and contemplate how you might move closer to it in the next six months. During the episode, I talk about the importance of believing that the reward you want is possible and using that belief to complete the steps you need to get there. I also discuss how important it is to put in the effort in order to get the results you want (just like I put in diligent practice and have now not only claimed my Cornhole Champion title but am also selling cornhole products on Amazon) and to prepare yourself to cope with frustration and embarrassment with the knowledge that it will be worth it in the end. I emphasize that part of what makes it worth it is that the process of doing the work, having the discipline, and making the sacrifices shapes us into better, happier, and more confident people with lifelong skills that can’t be taken away. And I talk a lot about cornhole since it’s what inspired this episode in the first place!

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This week on the Amazon Files:

  • What can you achieve in six months?
  • Believing your reward is possible
  • Getting results from doing the work
  • Using future rewards as motivation
  • Deciding what reward you want
  • Building character by going through the process
  • Facing challenges and overcoming them


What you do right now, today, will have future results. The results are up to you. The results are about the work that you put in today.”

- Kristin Ostrander




In our fast-paced society these days, we’re constantly bombarded with new shiny objects and things we should be doing, and ‘Look over here, and buy this product, and come to this destination, and watch this conference, and do this business.’ But do we ever slow down enough to think about where we want to be rather than where the world is telling us we should be?”

Give yourself a minute to think about what benefit or reward or what is it that you’re working towards right now that if you were guaranteed to have that, what would stop you? What would motivate you? What would move you forward to that?”

Would it motivate you to be like, it’s right there. If I just work a little bit more, if I just do this and that and practice and sacrifice and become disciplined, it’ll be right there. I can describe it. I can almost touch it. I can actually touch it right now.”

Do you believe that the final reward, that the trophy, that the championship, that the title, that the dollars in the bank with your business, do you believe that it’s possible? Do you believe that that reward is even something that you can claim?”

The proof is that if you do the work, the results will come. And if you don’t, you will have results. They just won’t be the results that you hoped for.”

What if today is your half-birthday? And I gave you a gift now, and I said, in six months if you do x, y, z, this will be yours. How much more motivated will you be to walk towards that knowing, hey, it’s already mine, I just have to take these steps and follow this path and continue doing what I’m doing.”

The six months is gonna go by, what would you attempt if you knew the results were going to come? What would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

What if I put $100,000 in cold, hard cash in a see-through glass box on your desk every day and said, ‘If you take these steps, this will be yours.’ Would that not motivate you to be like, there it is. There’s my reward. That’s what I’ve been working for. That’s what I want. That’s what I need. What do I need to do to get there?”

Gosh, a lot can happen in six months if you do the work. If you make a decision to go after whatever it is you want, and then despite all of the emotions and the setbacks and everything else, that you keep moving towards it no matter how big or small.”

You can’t deposit excuses or regrets or list of to-dos that were never done. You can deposit what you earn. And we earn by doing the work. The passion and the motivation surrounding the benefit that you intend to gain from your pursuits drives us to do the work.”

We’re all chasing something, just so you know. In case you hadn’t noticed. Maybe it’s peace. Maybe it’s money, maybe it’s security, maybe it is… I don’t know what it is for you. But you have to decide what you want and do the work.”

Today is when we get the results. We don’t just all of a sudden wake up in Q4 and have a bunch of profit on the table. We gotta do the work now.”

You have to have some discipline, you also have to have fun. You have to enjoy it. Because what’s it worth if you worked so hard and spent all of your time, money, and energy, and you got this reward, and you’re like, oh, that wasn’t worth it. It wasn’t what I wanted.”

You have to overcome obstacles, you have to face fear, and rejection, and maybe embarrassment, and maybe a little heckling and people not believing in you. But the process is what shapes us into better people.”

My reward wasn’t some plastic, useless trophy. It was lifelong skills that I learned along the way that can never be taken away from me. That’s what you’re after. That’s the true reward. The true trophy, I guess, is the character that you build in yourself while working towards something that you desire and want.”

You don’t need permission. All you need is a belief that it’s possible for you and enough determination every day to do the work. Because no matter when you get the result, it means so much more. Not because of the item, because of the fame, because of the arrival but because of who you had to become in order to face those challenges and overcome them.”

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