What do you want 2020 to look like [Amazon FBA Business Planning]

Whether you like it or not, 2019 is about to end. Not only are we about to turn over a new leaf - we’re turning over a new decade. It’s that time where people set new goals for the next year. What do you want 2020 to look like? How do you envision your life-changing, evolving, or improving? What are your goals for the new decade? More importantly, how do you plan to achieve those goals?

In this episode, we share some of the most important questions to ask yourself to guide you through the previous decade and determine how you want 2020 to look for yourself and your family. We explain why you should write down a “perfect world” scenario and underscore the power of goal-setting. We explain why you should stop tolerating things that no longer work for you. We also share the highs and lows that we experienced during the previous decade, including our struggles and best memories from before we started our online Amazon business.

“We are charged with the responsibility of being good stewards of our time, so we’re not off the hook for planning.” - Kristin Ostrander 

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • What 2010 looked like for Amy and Kristin before they started their Amazon businesses
  • Kristin and Amy’s key memories, best achievements, and proudest moments in the past decade
  • How Kristin and Amy pivoted into their online businesses on Amazon
  • Why Kristin kept putting off her book “Dream Big, Step Small” and what motivated her to finish writing it
  • The impact of taking small, actionable steps towards your goals
  • Why you should write a perfect world scenario and how to do it
  • Why you need to stop tolerating things that are no longer working
  • The power of goal-setting and writing down your plans



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