Using a prep center to scale Amazon FBA [Special Guest: Nathan Bindschatel]

Nathan Bindschatel is the owner and founder of My Prep Center. Since 2005, My Prep Center has been helping Amazon businesses scale the processing of their inventory. Nathan and his team are committed to building strong relationships with their clients to help them focus on making the best products for their Amazon customers. As a former Amazon seller himself, Nathan understands that the struggle of packaging is certainly real.

Nathan joins us today to discuss using prep centers to scale your Amazon FBA business. He shares his experience with selling used books on Amazon and reveals the reason he started My Prep Center. He defines what a prep center is and describes the tasks that they do to help Amazon sellers. He illustrates how My Prep Center processes bundles and how they manage vendor-specific issues. He also explains why My Prep Center is keen on maintaining good relationships with their clients as well as shares the experience that inspired this philosophy.

“Some people are not ready for prep centers yet because giving up full control of their business is hard. You need to be able to trust.” - Nathan Bindschatel

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Why Nathan stopped selling used books on Amazon and started a prep center
  • What a prep center is and what they do
  • The reason My Prep Center focuses on processing bundles for Amazon stores
  • Why Nathan believes in building relationships with his clients
  • Our personal experiences with using other prep centers
  • Questions Amazon FBA sellers should ask before working with a prep center
  • How My Prep Center ensures the quality of its products and services
  • Why some Amazon sellers find it difficult to let a prep center work on their inventory
  • My Prep Center’s minimum requirements for processing bundles
  • Items that My Prep Center avoids working with
  • Why Nathan doesn’t believe in hidden fees
  • Common problems and issues that may come with using prep centers and how My Prep Center manages them
  • How Nathan and his company deals with vendor-specific problems
  • Why we encourage Amazon FBA sellers to use InventoryLab



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Connect with Nathan Bindschatel:

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