This ONE THING is killing your business

Despite having that deep desire to grow, we struggle and fail to take the necessary steps to do so. Whether it’s trying to widen our skillset, learn something new, or grow our Amazon businesses, there’s that force that keeps us from moving forward. We procrastinate, get distracted, and delay making decisions for what we want to achieve.

What keeps us lazy? Why do we sit on the couch binging on Netflix instead of working towards goals we’ve set for ourselves?

In this episode, we discuss the one thing that prevents us from growing our Amazon businesses. We illustrate how the language we use in our everyday lives affects our mindset and explain why you shouldn’t make decisions to please everyone else. We reveal the roots of laziness and illustrate how to crush it by scheduling downtime. We also highlight how fear affects the way we decide and act as well as share a few tips and advice to overcome it. 

“We procrastinate because we are afraid in some capacity. Fear is an illusion that we think protects us from something.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • How fear and guilt affect the decision-making process for our online businesses
  • How to make the best business decisions without fear
  • The fear of embarrassment and disappointing others
  • Why you shouldn’t please anyone and believe in yourself instead
  • The impact of taking small, baby steps to change your mindset
  • The power of the language we use and how it impacts the way we think
  • The roots of laziness and how to overcome it
  • Amy’s recent guilty pleasures and how she manages them
  • Using the 15-minute hustle to overcome lazy spells
  • How Kristin balances her downtime and working on her Amazon business
  • How to overcome laziness by creating schedules and breaking down large goals
  • Why you should outsource or hire help for parts of your online business
  • Why Kristin decided to hire a prep center for her Amazon store
  • How to say no to things you don’t enjoy doing
  • How fear prevents us from learning opportunities
  • Why you should schedule your downtime
  • Focusing on the best thing that could happen



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