Why You Should Sell Wholesale Bundles on Amazon

Your Amazon business strategy is one of the most valuable assets in your business… and to scale your business, you need to learn this sustainable business model.

In this blog, I am going to break down the exact Amazon Business Model I follow to reach $10K + months every month & create long-term sustainability!

So you want to learn how to build a sustainable Amazon business and the strategy I still use today???

Well, first, let me tell you a little about my discovery of this hybrid model and what wholesale bundles are…

I started in Retail Arbitrage. 

It’s great, fun, and exciting. I LOVE shopping. 

But the downside that I saw rather quickly as I continued to grow and grow was… 

It’s NOT sustainable. 

As my business continued to grow, I outgrew the ability to continue going out to get products. Even when I hired a full-time associate, we were both working 50-60 + hours per week to try and keep inventory full. It was just not feasible. 

I was exhausted, missed spending time with my family, and knew something had to change. 

At the level of retail arbitrage, sustainability is non-existent.

So we pivoted into this grand idea - 

At first, we had this great idea where we were going to get all the products half off of what we see in the store and make higher profit margins right from the start.


A major curveball was thrown at us. Half-priced products and spiked profit margins were not the case. Instead, most of the product prices we found were about the same as you can get in the store. 

So, you may be asking yourself, “what changed? How did you make wholesale work?”

Well, we started innovating, coming up with ideas of what items will complement the main popular item and bring more value to this product bundle - an irresistible offer so we can “up” the price? 

Finally, our first bundle was created in 2015, Shopkin Toys

These toys were flying off the shelves! However, we were not making much of a profit on them, in reality,  we were actually losing money. We needed to do something fast! 

And BAM! It hit us right as we were shopping in Walmart. 

Add a kids’ carry cart to complement the Shopkins Toys, and so when we did. Born was our first wholesale bundle ever. 

We increased the price, listed it on Amazon, and were finally able to make a hefty margin on a product we were originally losing money on.

So you may be wondering…

what are wholesale bundles??

They are highly complementary items that you source from wholesale vendors and/or private label products. These products are sold together in a high-value product bundle you created that provides your buyers value, speed, and convenience.

Other terms used to describe wholesale bundles would be gift sets, gift baskets, or kits. 

Essentially a wholesale bundle is an entire collection of 2-6 products that are a natural fit in both function and use. The perfect wholesale bundle would be a product combination that customers often purchase together like shampoo and conditioner or peanut butter and jelly. 

These bundles make life easier for the 1-click ordering, free prime Amazon customer, and they make life better for you as a seller because you face less competition and can earn better profit margins.

So through my journey of finding Amazon business sustainability, I fell in love with wholesale bundles, and the wholesale bundle system was born.  

Why do I love wholesale bundles so much??? I thought you would never ask…

One reason!

You get to OWN THE BUY BOX!

Owning the buy box keeps all worries at bay. 

I never have to worry about Amazon jumping on my listing. 

I never have to enter another price war again. 

Bundling eliminates the competition. I can sell fewer products because I don’t have to play the volume game where you have to compete to see who sells the most of the same products.  That just seems like so much work. I rather up my price, up my profit numbers, and push out less product. 

And you can too!

If you already have an Amazon FBA account - great. Adding wholesale bundles to your FBA business doesn’t take much effort. 

The only skills and capital you need to add or start WHOLESALE BUNDLING is ….

An uncanny ability to spend an email and $300 or less of capital.


Well by...

  1. Opening a wholesale account - It’s 100% free!
  2. Going to tradeshows - They’re free!
  3. Browsing through catalogs and price lists - They’re also free!

And lastly, there are thousands of vendors that have low or no minimum orders for wholesale.  

So don’t limit yourself due to your money mindset. Instead, flip the script and don’t let it keep you from taking the leap to reaching your success!

Here’s the step-by-step, A-Z framework that has helped 100’s of Amazon beginners and veterans achieve sustainability success...

The Wholesale Bundle System!

It is your one-stop shop for all your Amazon business sustainability needs!

In this course, I walk you through each step of the wholesale bundle framework. The same framework I still use today and fuels my 7-figure Amazon business. 

Using wholesale bundles in your Amazon business strategy allows you to own the Buy Box 100% of the time without the risk of competition decreasing your price or your profit. When done correctly, you'll be the only seller on your listing.

This makes Wholesale Bundles the BEST Amazon Business Model of all time!

It provides:

  • Higher Margins
  • Eliminate competition
  • Erase price tanking and the race to the bottom strategies
  • Eliminate importing expensive items and waiting forever to make private label products

Make your first million-dollar with my hybrid model - The Wholesale Bundle System. I did, many of my students have and you can too!

SO… Why do wholesale bundles work so well on Amazon???

They work so well on Amazon because your customers are looking for 3 things…

Speed, Convenience, and Variety

Shoppers are busy! They do not have time and they do not want to spend time shopping around for the items they need. Bundles make the purchasing process so much easier for your customer. It gives them a fast and more convenient way to shop. 

The product bundle that you provide your buyers, eliminates the need for endless scrolling of items they need and adding them to the cart. In one click your customer can get what they need from your bundle.

Plus, customers are very responsive to wholesale bundles because it’s an effortless purchasing process for them. And customers really appreciate this. It’s a TIME SAVER for them and for you.  

In the Wholesale Bundle System, you’ll receive more than 20 hours of video training and you’ll learn... 

The Wholesale Bundle Basics. Get the Vendor Communication Game Plan and Bundle Strategy so you know exactly what to say to wholesale vendors and set yourself up for success.

Module 1: The Basics

  • Introduction to Wholesale
  • The Pros and Cons of Wholesale
  • Introduction to Bundles
  • The mindset of a Bundler

The Wholesale Bundle Framework. How to Execute Your Bundle Ideas. Our twelve-step framework is the exact method we use every time we create new bundles. We walk you step by step through the bundle creation process from picking a niche and exploring competition to component selection and pricing. 

Module 2: The Framework

    • Introduction to the Wholesale Bundle Framework
    • Finding Vendors 
    • Trend Analysis
    • Bundle Ideas
    • Exploring Competition
    • And Much More!

Module 3: Execute Your Bundle Ideas

    • Introduction to Creating Listing on Amazon
    • Creating a Listing in Seller Central
    • UPC vs GTIN
    • Understanding Brand Lingo
    • Photography and Bundle Images
    • Using Canva to Create Bundles
    • Search terms
    • And Much More!

Bundle Examples. Learn from other’s mistakes through real-world examples of well-done and poorly executed bundles. We’ll coach you through what works and doesn’t work and why.

Module 4: Bundle Examples

  • Good and Not so Good bundles
  • Bundle Example Swipe file

Resources + Additional Training. Additional tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you implement wholesale bundles in your business including what you need to know about attending a trade show, bundle packaging ideas, and more. 

Module 5: Resources & Additional Training

  • Attending a Tradeshow
  • Recommended Tools
  • Consider a prep center
  • How to Respond to “No Amazon Sellers” from Vendors
  • Packaging Bundles
  • Reviews & Pay-per-clicks Ads

BONUS: How to Create Custom Packaging + Creating a Custom Brand for Your Amazon store + How to adapt the Wholesale Bundle to your Amazon FBA business

 Lifetime access to course material, updates, and consistent support.

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to make back the money you’ve invested and more. PLUS you have lifetime access! No rush, but don’t take too long to reach your dreams and desires. Take a small, consistent step each day!


 What our students are saying...




  • My discovery journey to wholesale bundles.
  • What are wholesale bundles?
  • The #1 reason you’ll fall in love with Wholesale Bundles!
  • Why are wholesale bundles The Best Amazon Business Model?
  • The 4 main benefits to wholesale bundles
  • How much capital do you need to invest to get started?
  • What comes next is up to you! 


“Whatever you choose to do take small steps, be consistent and you’ll find the success you are looking for.” - Kristin Ostrander


Thanks for stopping by. If you have made the decision to start or add wholesale bundles to your Amazon business, post your AHA moment that helped you take the leap on social media and tag me so I can celebrate with you. 

Don’t forget to check out my free private Facebook group - The Amazon Files powered by Mommy Income - to get help along your Amazon business journey one step at a time with like-minded Amazon sellers just like you and me, the Bundle Queen - Kristin Ostrander.

That’s all for now, friend. I’m Kristin. See you on social and every week on the Amazon Files podcast 🎧



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