AF311 - Game-changing Product Sourcing with Amy Wees

In this podcast episode, Kristin Ostrander from Mommy Income and Amy Wees from Amazing at Home discuss their experiences with sourcing products from China and Mexico. They talk about the benefits of visiting trade shows like the Canton Fair in China, where they found competitive pricing and a wide variety of products. They also discuss the challenges of navigating cultural and language barriers when sourcing from different countries. Kristin shares her experience organizing sourcing trips to China and highlights the importance of building relationships with suppliers. Amy provides tips on attending trade shows and emphasizes the value of in-person interactions. They encourage listeners to explore sourcing opportunities and not let fear hold them back.

The Journey to Amazon Selling

Amy and I have known each other since around 2015 when we both started exploring the world of Amazon selling. Amy's journey began in 2007 when she started selling college textbooks on Amazon. After a brief hiatus where she ran an Etsy business in Hawaii, she returned to Texas in 2017 and launched her own brand, sourcing products from the US and China.

Amy's experience with sourcing and bringing a product to market was challenging, mainly due to the limited education available. This led her on a journey to figure it out herself and help others along the way.


The World of Sourcing: China and Mexico

Our conversation took a deep dive into the world of sourcing, particularly in China and Mexico. We discussed our experiences with the Canton Fair, the largest sourcing exposition in the world with over 60,000 suppliers.

Visiting the fair opened my eyes to the vast array of products available and the competitive pricing. Sourcing from China allowed me to reduce prices, build better relationships, and scale my business. Amy added that the cultural and language barriers can be overcome, as most suppliers at the fair speak English.

We also touched on our experiences sourcing from Mexico and the challenges of finding English-speaking suppliers there. However, we both agreed that these challenges should not deter sellers from exploring sourcing opportunities in these countries.


The Benefits of Visiting China for Trade Shows and Supplier Meetings

We emphasized the importance of visiting China for trade shows and supplier meetings. I shared my experience of organizing trips to China for other entrepreneurs who want to source products. Presenting oneself as a business owner when negotiating with suppliers can make a significant difference in the prices and quality of products obtained.

Amy agreed and mentioned that most products are made overseas, so it is necessary to explore sourcing options in China. Organizing a trip to China removes barriers and provides a hassle-free experience for entrepreneurs.


Sourcing Products at the Canton Fair

Amy shared her process of sourcing products at the Canton Fair. She explained that there are three types of products to look for: ones you already know you want to source, ones you want to find a better price for, and new ideas.

Amy teaches participants how to create a sourcing list and prepare for finding new ideas. She emphasized that it's not necessary to make an order at the fair and that many people simply gather contact information to follow up later.


The Possibility of a Sourcing Trip to China

We concluded our conversation by discussing the possibility of going on a sourcing trip to China. Amy explained that they have a partners deal for the trip, where spouses can come along and enjoy the fair and other excursions.

I expressed my excitement and interest in joining the trip as a mentor, particularly enjoying the opportunity to explore different product bundles. Amy mentioned that they also offer sourcing trips to Mexico and encouraged listeners to consider joining them.


Final Thoughts

Our conversation with Amy was enlightening, and I'm grateful for the tips and expertise she shared. I feel more educated and confident about going on a sourcing trip and improving my private-label product.

Amy emphasized the importance of in-person trade shows and invited listeners to visit her website for a free listing review. I encourage everyone to consider this unique opportunity to explore the e-commerce world and the unique opportunities it offers.

Stay tuned for more insightful conversations on our podcast!

Let Amy check out your listing free - no strings attached at or book a call or learn about my courses and programs at







"It's about establishing relationships with people. They're just people like us, they're just doing this side of business and we're doing this side of business and we're coming together." - Kristin Ostrander


Advanced Sourcing and the Importance of Building Relationships [00:00:51]

Amy discusses the significance of advanced sourcing and building relationships with suppliers, particularly in China and Mexico.


The Journey of Selling on Amazon and the Evolution of Sourcing [00:01:53]

Amy shares her personal selling journey on Amazon, starting from flipping college textbooks to launching her own brand and sourcing products from the US and China.


The Milestone of Visiting China and the Impact on Sourcing [00:08:14]

Amy highlights the transformative experience of visiting China for the first time, which changed her perspective on sourcing and building relationships with suppliers.


The Canton Fair: A World of Suppliers [00:09:27]

Exploring the largest sourcing exposition in the world with over 60,000 suppliers and the benefits of attending.


Price Differences and Cultural Barriers [00:10:49]

Comparing the attitudes of Chinese and American suppliers, and the challenges of finding a supplier in the US.


Language Barrier and Communication [00:14:50]

Overcoming language barriers in China, the importance of having a team on the ground, and the prevalence of English-speaking suppliers at the Canton Fair.


The benefits of negotiating as a business owner [00:18:29]

Tips on presenting oneself as a business owner to negotiate better prices and establish authority.


Transitioning from sourcing locally to sourcing in China [00:19:20]

Discussion on the challenges and benefits of sourcing products from China and how to make the transition successfully.


Overcoming overwhelm at trade shows [00:26:43]

Strategies for reducing overwhelm when attending large trade shows, including having a plan and focusing on specific goals.


Timestamp 1 [00:27:51]

Finding Collapsible Products at the Fair

Speaker 1 talks about finding a collapsible product at the fair and meeting with the supplier.


Timestamp 2 [00:28:49]

Preparing for Squirrel Ideas

Speaker 1 discusses the importance of prioritizing and having fun with new ideas at the fair.


Timestamp 3 [00:30:42]

Building Relationships with Suppliers

Speaker 1 emphasizes the importance of establishing relationships with suppliers and making connections, even if not sourcing from them.


The China Trip [00:36:34]

Discussion about the unique experience of attending the Canton Fair in China and the benefits of bringing spouses along.


Forming Bonds and Overcoming Fears [00:37:35]

The speaker reflects on the bond formed with people who attended the China trip and how it helps overcome fears and anxieties.


Sourcing Trips and Trade Shows [00:38:31]

Encouragement to attend sourcing trips and trade shows, including the mention of Mexico trips, and the excitement of shopping for products.



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