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Kristin Ostrander, host of the Amazon Files podcast, discusses the importance of setting your own pace in business and not comparing yourself to others. She emphasizes the negative consequences of rushing and encourages listeners to take the time to evaluate what is truly important and prioritize tasks accordingly. Kristin advises entrepreneurs to focus on their own journey and goals, celebrating their progress no matter how small. She highlights the importance of continuous growth and innovation, while also reminding listeners that there is no finish line in entrepreneurship. Kristin concludes by thanking the audience for listening and encouraging them to embrace a slower, more intentional approach to business growth.


The Pressure of Fast-Paced Success

We live in a world where "people" and "they," representing the societal mindset, often pressure us to achieve success quickly. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy and a constant need to catch up. However, it's crucial to remember that everyone's journey is unique. Your progress should not be compared to "someone else" or "they," who represent other people in the industry progressing at a different pace.


Embracing Your Personal Journey

As an individual listener, "you" and "yourself," it's important to focus on your personal journey in business. Your goals and aspirations should be your guiding light, not the progress of others. Rushing can lead to mistakes and feelings of being overwhelmed. Instead, take the time to evaluate what is truly important to you and prioritize your tasks accordingly.


The Importance of Slow Growth

Slow growth doesn't mean no growth. In fact, it's often the more sustainable option. By taking the time to create and develop products that meet customers' needs, you're investing in the long-term success of your business. I often compare this process to Nike's product development team. It takes time and a special energy to be creative, and rushing this process can lead to subpar results.


Celebrating Small Wins

Remember, everyone's starting point and circumstances are different. Celebrate your progress, no matter how small. Time will pass regardless, and by moving at your own pace, you can achieve your desired results in the long term.


There's No Finish Line in Entrepreneurship

One of the most important lessons I've learned in my career is that there is no finish line in entrepreneurship. The focus should always be on continuous growth and progress. Keep moving, innovating, and creating products that serve people.

Yes, the idea of always moving forward can be overwhelming. But it's okay to slow down and take intentional steps. Set your own pace and don't compare yourself to others. Realistic expectations and staying true to yourself are key to staying on track.



In conclusion, I want to remind you that it's okay to go as slow as needed, as long as there is still movement in the right direction. Embrace a slower, more intentional approach to business growth. And remember, your journey is unique to you. Don't let the pace of others dictate your progress.

Thank you for listening to the Amazon Files podcast. I hope you found this discussion on slow growth and setting your own pace in business insightful. Remember, your journey is your own. Embrace it, celebrate your progress, and keep moving forward at your own pace.







"This is your full permission to just go as slow as you want to but by all means go." - Kristin Ostrander



The Importance of Setting Your Own Pace [00:00:02]

Discussion on the significance of going slow, focusing on forward progress, and not succumbing to societal pressure for quick success.


Comparing Yourself to Others [00:01:06]

Exploration of the negative effects of comparing one's progress and pace to others, emphasizing the uniqueness of individual circumstances.


The Dangers of Rushing and the Benefits of Slowing Down [00:04:57]

Highlighting the negative consequences of rushing, such as making mistakes, and advocating for taking the time to assess one's needs and goals.


The importance of setting your own pace [00:11:34]

Speaker 1 discusses the negative consequences of rushing and growing too fast in business.


The pressure to achieve success quickly [00:12:51]

Speaker 1 talks about the societal pressure to achieve success quickly and compares it to the reality of the time it takes to develop new products.


The benefits of slowing down and taking your time [00:13:50]

Speaker 1 emphasizes the importance of slowing down, taking a walk, and being able to notice and appreciate things along the way.


The importance of setting your own pace [00:22:36]

The speaker emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to set their own pace in business and not compare themselves to others.


The benefits of slowing down [00:23:48]

The speaker encourages listeners to slow down and take small intentional steps, highlighting the potential increase in sales and the importance of realistic expectations.


Permission to move at a comfortable pace [00:25:03]

The speaker gives listeners permission to move at a pace that is comfortable for them, even if it means moving slowly, and emphasizes the importance of making small decisions to move in the right direction.



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