The Key to seven figures on Amazon is NOT bundles

success stories Jun 08, 2020

Throwback to 2010: A week after I had my third child, my husband got injured at work. The only income that we had was my eBay and Amazon online businesses, and they certainly weren’t enough to feed a family of five. Soon enough, we ended up losing our home because of foreclosure. Fast forward to today, I run a seven-figure online Amazon business while working from home. 

But how did I get from foreclosure to millions of dollars in Amazon revenue?

What’s the secret sauce? 

In today’s episode, I share how I went from losing what I thought was our forever home to earning over $1-million in Amazon revenue. I explain how taking small and consistent steps can yield significant, powerful results, and why not all consistent steps are beneficial. I underscore the importance of planning for your business and describe how change can pave the way for business growth. I also discuss how fear prevents us from growing, both in life and business, and share some questions you can ask yourself to help you overcome these business fears. 

“Growth is not possible without change. You have to be willing to pivot and not quit.” - Kristin Ostrander

This week on the Amazon Files: 

  • My story: from foreclosure to a seven-figure Amazon online business
  • Why change is possible no matter where you currently find yourself
  • The impact of taking consistent steps, no matter how big or small they are
  • The importance of planning when running a business
  • The brick analogy and why not all consistent steps are beneficial
  • Why business growth is impossible without change and why you need to be willing to pivot and not quit
  • The fundamental changes I made in my life and business that enabled growth
  • Why it’s essential to connect with other Amazon sellers, ecommerce business owners, mentors, and coaches
  • Why I was fearful of outsourcing tasks and getting a prep center
  • Understanding fear and how it stops us from growing our businesses
  • How to conquer your fears to make room for business growth


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