AF212 - Amazon Sellers Q4 Retail Arbitrage Strategy 2021

q4 retail arbitrage Sep 18, 2021

I don’t think anyone’s going to be surprised to hear that the past couple of years have been, let’s say, unusual. The global pandemic and economic crisis have set off a number of unexpected events in our world, and today I want to share with you something you may not have expected from me. For this upcoming Q4, I will be participating in retail arbitrage. There are a number of reasons for this decision, and some valuable strategies to employ in this – not my favorite – mode of selling, and I want to fill you in on all of them here today.

To start off, I’ll go through my reasons for participating in retail arbitrage this year including the supply chain nightmare and the impact it’s had throughout the world, and we’ll look at the typical makeup of Q4 and how it looks a little different this year. Next, I’ll give you some ideas of what you need to do for this year’s Q4, review retail arbitrage, my feelings about it, the risks involved, and my recommended strategies when working it. Yes, the world has changed, and yes, there are some disruptions out there that make things more challenging, but, no, this is not a time to sit back and opt-out of Q4. This is a time where we do what we do best, assess, adapt, and put in the work to achieve the success we deserve.

Navigating this unusual Q4 is yet another reason to join our Facebook group. Use the code word #retail to join in and learn more about Q4 2021, getting started with wholesale, ask questions, and participate in the conversation with other sellers. And if you’re ready to take your business to a whole new level, visit to schedule your one-on-one coaching call today.

This week on the Amazon Files:    

  •     Why Kristin will be participating in retail arbitrage this year
  •     The supply chain nightmare and its impact
  •     Q4 and how it will be different this year
  •     What sellers need to do for Q4
  •     Retail arbitrage and Kristin’s perspective on it
  •     The risks involved in retail arbitrage
  •     Kristin’s strategies regarding retail arbitrage

“We make it by living in community. We have a community that you can rely on to talk to each other about these different strategies and you know, contribute, because as part of a good growing community, we need people to ask questions and we need people to answer questions.“

- Kristin Ostrander




“This year calls for additional money making strategies to help because of the supply chain issue.”

“Prices are rising, things are not arriving as often and as much as people want them to, there's a shortage of even manufacturing raw material.”

I love Q4 because I usually triple and quadruple my sales in the last three months of the year, because of all the different holiday based products and just the simple fact that people buy more and spend more during these times.”

“Put your patience on and double and triple check that your vendors are delivering on time, that you're still going to get your goods.”

Right now, some of the actual brick and mortar stores out there are the only places that actually have inventory.”

“So when it comes to those restricted products, restricted brands, potential issues for bigger brands to do that, again, there's no control that you have over it, you're just going to have to take the risk and hope that that doesn't happen to you.”

“Sometimes people report it as inauthentic. And then you have to go through the proof of authenticity of your items.”

“The good news is there's millions of products to be able to be sold on Amazon via retail arbitrage or any sort of sourcing methods. So fear not, there's plenty of opportunity there, but don't always go after these big expensive brands, because those are the most risky involved.”

“You're a third party reseller, and that's actually perfectly legal as long as your item is, in fact, authentic and not some sort of fake that you created or bought as a fake.”

“Look for items that you're already carrying, are already selling online, at brick and mortar retail stores - they have stock.”

“We're always looking at those items in the food and grocery. That's something that kind of never goes out of style.”

“Take notes on the things that are empty in the shelves around you, and then you go to different areas and see if you can find those products.”

“The reality is there are so many products that are just not available right now, and that's a good sign for you if you can find those.”    

“When and how to shop is right here and right now and locally to you.”

“We're talking about toy luxury items or luxury items that, like, we can all live without, what people really want for the holidays. So throw your guilt out the window when it comes to that - people who really want it will pay the going rate.”

“So pay attention to the supply and demand looking around in your area and fill the gaps.”

“Go wide and not deep, and do it more often.”

“And I really wish you nothing but success this q4. Change your strategies and feel free to come to the Facebook group and share your ideas of different things.”

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