AF316 - Amazon FBA Q4 For Sellers: How to Buy Products for Holidays

Kristin Ostrander, host of the Amazon Files podcast and founder of Mommy Income, shares valuable tips and advice for Amazon sellers to prepare for the holiday season. She emphasizes the importance of inventory management and planning, as well as the potential for increased sales during Q4. Kristin discusses strategies for keyword optimization, shipping timing, and finding reliable and profitable products. She also highlights the benefits of becoming a member of her wholesale bundle student program, the Hub, and encourages listeners to reach out for more information. Overall, Kristin's advice focuses on maximizing profits and serving customers during the busy holiday season.

The Importance of Inventory Management

One of the main points I emphasized during the podcast was the need for inventory management and planning. It's crucial to ensure that you have enough stock to meet the demand during this busy period. It's normal to have some leftover inventory after Q4, and I suggest donating or selling it to places like Goodwill.

I also mentioned the option of wholesale dating, where you can order inventory and pay for it later. This allows you to sell most of your items before having to pay the bill. For instance, my company has already ordered and received their Q4 inventory, including Halloween items, which often sell out before October. We focus on selling accessories and small items rather than costumes.


The Convenience of Shopping on Amazon

People are willing to pay a bit more for the convenience and personal delivery that Amazon offers. This is why it's important to serve customers who prefer the convenience of online shopping, especially during the holiday season.


Preparing for the Holiday Season

As an Amazon seller, it's important to save extra money for Q4 and not neglect regular-selling products. Stock up on inventory, especially evergreen products and grocery items, as everything will be in high demand during the holiday season.


Keyword Strategy and Shipping Timing

Avoid using saturated keywords like "Christmas" in titles and back-end keywords unless the item is directly related to the holiday. Instead, focus on using attribute-based keywords that are most relevant to your products. This ensures that you attract the right traffic and avoid being pushed down the algorithm.

Shipping timing is also crucial. Be early and create new bundles and listings well in advance. This gives them time to index and allows Amazon to recognize the product's relevance.


Advice for Retail Arbitrage Sellers

For retail arbitrage sellers, I suggest shipping the same day or within 24 hours to avoid losing out on potential sales due to fluctuating prices and limited availability. Pay attention to sales cycles and identify gaps in the market to find rare and in-demand items.


The Benefits of Joining the Hub

As a member of my wholesale bundle student program called the Hub, you'll have access to all of my training materials, including the Q4 Jumpstart program. I encourage you to check out the Hub and reach out if you're interested in the Q4 class.


The Importance of Consistent Profits

Focus on steady and consistent profits rather than chasing trends. Trends come and go quickly, as seen with the example of TikTok leggings. Instead, sell products that have proven to sell year after year, such as Christmas stockings, holiday decor, and winter apparel.


Boosting Visibility and Sales

Don't lower your prices but instead bid on your strongest keywords to increase visibility. Utilize free platforms like Pinterest and Facebook Marketplace to promote your products. Remember, holiday items can continue to sell even after the holidays.


Preparing for the Busy Holiday Season

Be prepared for the busy holiday season and don't panic by lowering prices. Trust the data and research what sells consistently during Q4. Consider ordering 10% more inventory than you're comfortable with to avoid running out of stock.


Reach Out for More Information

I encourage you to step out of your comfort zones and reach out to me for more information. I've been teaching a class for five years and although it is not currently being taught live, the class is still amazing and all the necessary resources are available.



In conclusion, prepare for the upcoming holiday season and be ahead of the curve. Switch your focus to holiday selling and get to work to crush the fourth quarter. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me through direct messages or email, and I'll be happy to provide support through training and coaching.







"Knowing when and how things are 'in season' is really important for you to know." - Kristin Ostrander




 Preparing for Q4 [00:00:02]

Discussion on the significance of Q4 in the e-commerce world and the importance of preparing for the holiday season.


Managing Inventory and Leftovers [00:02:29]

Exploration of the potential issue of having leftover inventory after Q4 and strategies for managing it, including donating to goodwill.


Buying Inventory and Inventory Management [00:03:39]

Tips on buying enough inventory for Q4 and the importance of good inventory management and planning for a successful holiday season.


Inventory Management and Planning [00:09:51]

Tips on stocking up on evergreen products and grocery items for Q4 sales.


Optimizing Keywords for Holiday Listings [00:11:00]

Importance of using relevant, attribute-based keywords instead of saturated holiday keywords.


Shipping Timing and Listing Differentiation [00:12:16]

Advice on creating new bundles and listings early, and using specific attribute colors to avoid confusing the algorithm.


Becoming a Hub Member [00:19:18]

Explains the requirements to become a wholesale bundle student and join the hub for access to all training materials.


Shipping Strategies for Q4 [00:20:04]

Discusses the importance of shipping smaller, more frequent shipments to FBA warehouses during the busy Q4 season.


Selling Steady Products [00:21:58]

Emphasizes the importance of focusing on steady-selling products like pajamas, toys, and holiday decor instead of chasing short-lived trends.


Preparing for Q4 [00:29:06]

Tips for boosting visibility and sales during the holiday season, including bidding on strong keywords and utilizing free marketing strategies like Pinterest and Facebook Marketplace.


Selling After Holidays [00:31:06]

Discussion on the continued sales of holiday-themed items after the holiday season, with examples of selling Christmas items in May, June, and July.


Trusting the Data [00:33:50]

The importance of relying on factual data and past Q4 sales trends to make informed decisions on what products to sell during the holiday season.


Preparing for Q4 [00:38:23]

Tips for getting ready for the holiday selling season, including what to sell, shipping deadlines, and the holiday shipping calendar.


Christmas Bundles [00:39:20]

Discussion about a popular Christmas bundle that has been successful in previous years and has been revamped for this year.


Support and Training [00:40:15]

Encouragement to reach out for support and training, including information about a Q4 class and the offer of personalized videos and training to help grow your business.



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