AF170 - Protect your Amazon Account with Lesley Hensell

guest experts Nov 30, 2020

Lesley Hensell is the co-owner and Partner at Riverbend Consulting, an amazing team of consultants who help Amazon sellers with problems ranging from everyday issues like dealing with account suspensions, to odd and strange things such as Amazon linking your seller account with the account of your fourth cousin thrice removed. Lesley and her team are like Amazon therapists: people who could support you in facing Amazon’s challenges. And honestly, she’s truly a well of insight whom I love talking to about the things we don’t love about Amazon.

Lesley joins me today to share her advice on protecting your account on Amazon. She explains why “linked account” errors occur and how you can manage them. She reveals how you can protect your products to reduce the number of complaints you get and discusses the power of checking your FBA returns report. She describes what the Voice of the Customer is and why you need to monitor it continually. She also highlights the impact of creating an excellent buyer experience in preventing future errors and issues with Amazon.

“Amazon only cares about the customer. If you can provide a great buyer experience, Seller Performance will not come after you.” - Lesley Hensell

This week on the Amazon Files: 

  • A brief history of “linked accounts” on Amazon, the two kinds of action they’re taking on it, and what to do about them
  • What “hydra” accounts are and the nightmare of reinstating linked accounts
  • The oldest suspended account Riverbend Consulting got reinstated and why old suspensions are easier to overturn
  • Keeping Pandora’s Box tightly closed and the power of keeping your invoices
  • The best way to contest an error you did not commit on Amazon
  • Getting “Used Sold As New” complaints and how to prevent them
  • Packaging your items properly to avoid getting flagged as inauthentic
  • Knowing your numbers and how providing a great customer experience can prevent Amazon from killing your profit
  • The value of investing in custom packaging and how to deal with fraudulent returns
  • Legitimate invoices and proving product authenticity
  • The importance of being proactive to protect your account
  • The benefits of having virtual assistants and outsourcing work
  • The Voice of the Customer section and why you need to monitor it
  • The power of pulling up and sorting your FBA returns report and working on your worst ASINs



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