Top Reasons Amazon Accounts are Suspended in 2020 & How to Avoid Them

guest experts Apr 13, 2020

Change - it’s the only constant thing in business, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar store on an online Amazon business. Over the years, Amazon has made changes that can impact how we run our business. Sometimes, they even make changes without first announcing it, leaving some Amazon sellers surprised - or worse - suspended. Luckily, there are people and teams who can advise sellers on suspensions and reinstatement, like Lesley Hensell. Lesley is a specialist on Amazon account reinstatement who has built Riverbend Consulting, an agency that helps third-party sellers reinstate their businesses on platforms like Amazon. 

Lesley joins us today to discuss the common reasons Amazon accounts are suspended. She shares tips on how to avoid Amazon account suspensions and reveals what caused the rise of warnings for product detail and variations pages. She explains the different Code of Conduct violations on Amazon and shares the story of how an Amazon seller was suspended for collusion despite acting in good faith. She also discusses assessing your risk profile as an Amazon seller and underscores the value of saving money when running an Amazon business.

“Amazon takes listing errors that we sellers see as small things very seriously. That’s part of why enforcement, when it comes, is surprising.” - Lesley Hensell

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • How Riverbend Consulting helps Amazon sellers get reinstated
  • Ways you can change your Amazon account settings to avoid suspension
  • How creating custom packaging for Amazon items can help prevent account suspension
  • The rise of warnings for product detail page abuse and variation abuse
  • The challenges of contacting Amazon’s seller support
  • Lesley’s tips for creating Amazon bundles
  • The suspension risk of retail arbitrage and why online receipts are most likely to get rejected
  • Collusion, platform manipulation, and other Code of Conduct violations on Amazon
  • How Amazon suspended a seller for collusion
  • Assessing your risk profile as an Amazon seller
  • The importance of setting aside emergency funds when running an Amazon business
  • Why Amazon creates rules and policies


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