How to CREATE the PERFECT Amazon Product LISTING [2019]

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Amazon FBA sellers always ask us how to optimize their listings. Often times, sellers have so much trouble with listings, it prevents successful product sales.  In this episode of the Amazon Files we discuss the essential components to include in your listing to maximize profits.

Have you ever said to yourself ‘I don’t know how to create a listing.’ Do you find yourself afraid of doing it wrong, and hence don’t create the listing? It might be that you don't know what to put where or you could be unsure if you need to put all of this information in your listing. Perhaps you’re wondering how to use keywords in your listing and thus you might need more knowledge to create a listing or bring new products or bundles to the market.

Today, we discuss how to create the perfect Amazon product listing. We share how you can boost your business by creating listings that use the words that prospective buyers actually use to find and buy products. We describe how to choose a title and what to put in the bullet points and description as well as how to decide what keywords to use. We also highlight the courses that will help boost your Amazon listing knowhow and how putting this knowledge into practice will have customers finding your products, instead of you paying to find your customers.

“If you're afraid to create a listing, then the number 1 thing you need to tell yourself is a listing can be changed and updated. You do not have to put out the perfect listing the first time.” - Kristin Ostrander 

This week on the Amazon Files:

  • Editing your listings and recognizing that your listing doesn’t need to be perfect the first time.
  • Why you need to create listings and choose keywords from the buyer’s perspective.
  • Why keyword accuracy is vital for appearing on page one.
  • Why your title should be optimized for mobile devices and the number of characters that will be visible.
  • How your description and bullet points appear in a different order on mobile vs desktop.
  • Putting the who, what, why, when and how into your bullet points.
  • Understanding indexing, Amazon’s algorithm, and testing your listing.
  • Finding the keywords, you may not have thought about for your listing.
  • How to educate yourself on creating compelling product descriptions.


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