#1 Tool for Keyword Research (MerchantWords) *Featured Expert George Lawrence*

amazon files tools Jun 03, 2019

We get questions ALL THE TIME asking us how to find  and use the best keywords when creating listings on Amazon. On this special episode of The Amazon Files we are joined by George Lawrence, founder and CEO of MerchantWords. This online keyword research tool provides Amazon specific data to reveal the top searched keywords for your phrase or category. We ALWAYS consult MerchantWords and are very excited to welcome a guest expert on this topic. 

George Lawrence is the Founder of Merchant Words, a keyword resource that helps Amazon sellers understand search volumes on keywords and keyword phrases. In a nutshell, Merchant Words enables you to see what people are searching for and the search phrases they use, so that you can better understand what people are looking to buy. George was previously a computer programmer, writing software for companies, mobile phone apps, backend software, and websites. He is married with three children and started selling products on eBay for extra cash, before founding Merchant Words.

George shares how the Merchant Words keyword research tool was founded for online sellers with a keen focus on making it easier for buyers to find what they want. He reveals the pitfalls of keyword stuffing and highlights that you should make listing and keyword decisions based on what is best for your customer. George also shares how Merchant Words uses data from the dropdown search box suggestions and why this is a better solution to using data based on advertiser data.

“If your priority first lies with improving the life of a customer, then that is always going to align with Amazon's long-term goals.” - George Lawrence 

This week on the Amazon Files: 

  • How the words in the dropdown suggestions box inspired the creation of Merchant Words.
  • Why you should use accurate keywords and not partake in keyword stuffing.
  • How the Search Quality Team at Amazon identify sellers who are keyword stuffing.
  • How often Merchant Words is updated and how it estimates search volumes.
  • Why Merchant Words uses different data from advertising platforms and why this is vital.
  • The new features coming to Merchant Words.
  • How the Listing Advisor tool will help you create listings.
  • Why you should make listing decisions based on what is best for your customer. 

Connect with George Lawrence:

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