AF312 - Do You Have to be Passionate About your Business to Succeed?

In this podcast episode, host Kristin Ostrander introduces guest Maria Kellis, an inspiring leadership coach. They discuss the significance of passion and purpose in business, challenging the notion that it's only relevant for brand builders. Maria shares her personal journey of adversity and resilience, emphasizing the importance of gratitude and mindfulness in overcoming obstacles. She discusses the four stages of mindset transformation and the power of trust and faith. They also touch on topics such as fear, judgment, risk-taking, dealing with stress, and hiring the right team members. Maria concludes by emphasizing the importance of authenticity and trusting one's own happiness.


The Power of Passion and Purpose

In our conversation, Maria and I delved into the significance of passion and purpose in business. While some may argue that these qualities are only relevant for those building a brand, I believe that even resellers can benefit from harnessing their passion and purpose. Maria echoed this sentiment, sharing an anecdote from a talk she gave in China about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) versus human potential. She emphasized the importance of using technology and tools for success, but also highlighted the need for passion and purpose to achieve better results.


Maria's Journey of Adversity and Transformation

Maria's journey to becoming a leadership coach is a testament to her resilience. In 2004, she was diagnosed with a severe form of multiple sclerosis. Despite the prognosis, Maria made a decision not to be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She experienced a series of accidents and diseases but learned the importance of clearing and overcoming obstacles.


The Four Stages of Mindset Transformation

Maria shared her insights on the four stages of mindset transformation. The first stage is when things happen to us and we react to them. The second stage is when we recognize that things happen for us, which requires practicing gratitude and finding the positive aspects in challenging situations. The third stage is when we start observing and being aware of the things happening around us. The fourth stage, where things happen through us, is like being the creator of our own lives. It involves making choices, having faith, and trusting the universe.


Overcoming Fear and Embracing Risk

Fear is a common obstacle that can prevent people from taking the next step in their lives. Maria acknowledges that fear is often disguised as stress for entrepreneurs and business people. She emphasizes the importance of trust and faith, even for those who rely on facts and evidence.

We also discussed the importance of taking risks and embracing a high tolerance for risk as an entrepreneur. Referencing Colin Powell's advice, we agreed that taking risks between 40% and 70% is ideal, as being under 40% is reckless and over 70% means missing out on opportunities.


Personal Growth and Finding Purpose

Maria shared her insights on personal growth and finding purpose. She believes that as humans, we have the power to create extraordinary things when our intentions and desires are focused and intense. She introduced the concept of different levels of consciousness and explained that one cannot jump from a victim mentality to a higher level of consciousness without going through the necessary steps.


Dealing with Stress and Overwhelm

Maria advises listeners to take a moment to stop and breathe when dealing with stress and overwhelm. She suggests focusing on one task at a time and completing it before moving on to the next. She recommends creating a to-do list and prioritizing three to five tasks per day. Maria also emphasizes the importance of delegating tasks and finding resources or people who enjoy doing the things you don't.


Decision-Making and Hiring the Right Team

Maria shared valuable insights on decision-making and hiring the right team members. She emphasizes the importance of taking one step at a time and not trying to do everything simultaneously. Maria suggests climbing one mountain at a time and then deciding the next course of action.



Maria concluded by emphasizing the importance of being the most authentic version of oneself and trusting that happiness is a signal that one is on the right path. I found this perspective beautiful and inspiring. If you'd like to connect with Maria, you can find her on her website, where she offers free gifts, quizzes, and meditations. She also offers a 20-minute complimentary call to help individuals identify their biggest blockages or clarify their purpose.







"It's not how many times you fall, it's how many times do you stand up afterwards? As long as you stand up after you fall, you're okay." - Maria Kellis




Passion and Purpose in Business [00:00:03]

Maria discusses the importance of having passion and purpose in your business, regardless of whether you're in e-commerce or not.


Success and Passion [00:01:21]

Maria talks about how success is dependent on who you are, your passion, and your desire, and how technology is just a tool for success.


Overcoming Adversity and Making Choices [00:03:20]

Maria shares her personal story of overcoming adversity, making a decision to not be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, and the importance of choices in shaping one's life.


Things happen to me [00:10:58]

The speaker discusses the stage where events happen in life and they react to them, feeling lost and misguided.


Things happen for me [00:12:07]

The speaker talks about the shift in mindset where they start feeling grateful for the things they have gained from difficult experiences.


Things happen through me [00:13:16]

The speaker explains the level of awareness where they observe and embrace the present moment, letting go of judgment and living life by choice and design.


The Law of Procession [00:22:08]

Explanation of the law of procession and how it relates to the rotation of the Earth and finding one's purpose.


The Bee Analogy [00:23:08]

Using the analogy of bees and cross-pollination to explain the concept of finding purpose in the present moment.


Overcoming Fear and Judgment [00:27:19]

Discussion on releasing judgment, both from others and self, and the importance of making decisions without worrying about what others think.


The importance of taking calculated risks [00:31:27]

Taking risks between 40% and 70% success rate is ideal, being too cautious or reckless can hinder opportunities.


Embracing personal decisions and overcoming fear of judgment [00:33:21]

Making choices based on fear or the judgment of others can limit personal growth and happiness.


The power of delegation and utilizing available resources [00:38:35]

Outsourcing tasks to others who enjoy them and utilizing available resources can increase efficiency and productivity in business.


The importance of prioritizing and delegating [00:40:43]

Maria discusses the importance of focusing on one task at a time and hiring people with different strengths to complement her own.


Delegate tasks you dislike and focus on your strengths [00:41:34]

Maria emphasizes the importance of delegating tasks that you don't enjoy and focusing on your own strengths and areas of expertise.


Being authentically yourself and finding your purpose [00:44:41]

Maria encourages listeners to be their authentic selves and trust that their purpose will find them, emphasizing the importance of happiness as a signal.



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