AF331 - Taking Small Steps Towards Big Changes In 2024

I've always believed in the transformative power of sharing insights and experiences. I want to take you on a personal journey that resonates with the start of a new year—a time that brims with the promise of new beginnings and the allure of self-improvement. I'll share with you the essence of our latest episode, where we delve into the significance of setting goals, embracing gratitude, and the relentless pursuit of growth.

In this episode, Kristin talks about the excitement of the new year, focusing on the importance of goal-setting, reflection, and recognizing one's blessings. She encourages listeners to identify areas for improvement and to make plans for achieving their aspirations. Kristin underscores the necessity of consistent action, perseverance, and personal growth, expressing her belief in the possibility of positive change. She invites her audience to approach the new year with optimism and a determined spirit.

The Magic of New Beginnings

There's something inherently magical about the start of a new year. It's as if we're given a blank slate, a fresh canvas on which to paint our aspirations and dreams. In the episode, I expressed my own excitement for this period of renewal. It's a time for reflection, for taking stock of where we are in life, and for considering what truly brings us joy, fulfillment, and success.

The Art of Setting Goals

One of the main topics we explored was the importance of setting goals. Goals are the lighthouses that guide us through the fog of daily life. They provide direction and purpose, helping us focus on what matters most. But setting goals is an art—it's not just about what we aim to achieve, but also about ensuring that these goals resonate with our deepest values and desires.

Cultivating Gratitude

In the spirit of reflection, I emphasized the need to cultivate gratitude. It's easy to get caught up in what we lack or what we aspire to have, but it's equally important to acknowledge and appreciate the blessings we currently have in our lives. Gratitude grounds us and fosters a positive mindset, which is crucial when we're aiming to improve ourselves.

The Blueprint for Improvement

During the episode, I discussed the significance of making a plan. A goal without a plan is merely a wish. To turn our aspirations into reality, we need a blueprint—a series of actionable steps that we can take consistently. This is where the concept of perseverance comes into play. The journey towards our goals is rarely a straight line; it's fraught with challenges and setbacks. However, it's through perseverance that we experience growth.

The Power of Positive Change

I firmly believe in the potential for positive change. Each one of us has the capacity to evolve, to become better versions of ourselves. This belief is at the core of my message to you, my listeners and readers. It's about embracing the new year with optimism and determination, knowing that we have the power to shape our destinies.

Join Me on This Journey

As we wrapped up the episode, I invited you to join me in this journey of embracing the new year. It's an invitation to walk together on the path of self-improvement, to support each other in our respective quests for a more fulfilling life. I encourage you to take this opportunity to reflect on your own life, set meaningful goals, and take consistent action towards achieving them.

In conclusion, the new year is more than just a change in the calendar—it's a beacon of hope and a chance for us to grow. Let's seize this opportunity with both hands and embark on a journey that promises not only success but also personal fulfillment and joy. Remember, the potential for positive change lies within each of us, and with perseverance and a clear plan, we can achieve the greatness we aspire to.

Thank you for joining me on this episode, and I look forward to sharing more insights and stories with you. Here's to a year of growth, gratitude, and goal achievement!





"You're worth it. You're worth the effort that you can put in, and you get what you give. If you put in a little bit of effort, you get a little bit of result, but if you do that over and over, it adds up." - Kristin Ostrander



Reflection and New Beginnings (00:00:02)

Kristin reflects on the passage of time and the significance of new beginnings, such as the start of a new year.

Setting Goals and Reflecting (00:01:01)

The importance of setting goals, reflecting on the past, and making time for personal growth and improvement.

Gratitude and Perspective (00:02:06)

Encouraging gratitude and finding joy in everyday moments, along with the importance of perspective in life.

Taking Action and Making Plans (00:02:55)

Emphasizing the need to take action, make plans, and work towards desired changes and improvements.

Resolutions and Persistence (00:05:21)

Discussing the concept of resolutions, persistence, and the value of taking small steps towards positive changes.

Self-Improvement and Growth (00:07:51)

Encouraging self-improvement, growth, and the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions and choices.

Embracing Change and Doing Better (00:11:36)

Emphasizing the opportunity for personal growth, embracing change, and striving to do better in various aspects of life.

Looking Forward and Being Supportive (00:14:02)

Expressing excitement for the new year, encouraging listeners to share their goals, and offering support for personal development and growth.


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