How to Apply for Amazon GTIN Exemption

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Today I'm going to teach you how to apply for a GTIN exemption for your bundle so you can get them listed on Amazon with ease. 

One of the first things first, let’s go over the GTIN requirement before we jump into the juicy parts of the guide. 

GTIN Requirements

So if you are wondering what is a GTIN…

A GTIN is a global trade index number. It's a UPC and EAN, the barcode that you need, the number for the barcode. 

A GTIN exemption is great for bundles, custom or handmade products, or things that don't come with or have their own UPC barcodes GTIN. 

Now...let’s get down to business. 

The first thing that you need to do to comply with GTIN requirements is your brand needs to be approved before you file for a GTIN. 

The 2021 requirements say that Amazon must approve your brand before they'll give you a GTIN exemption for that brand. 

So whatever it is, the brand that you're looking for, if you're creating your own brand, or maybe it's a new brand you're bringing to the table, the brand needs to be approved. 

Once your brand is approved, then you can apply for a GTIN exemption. 

What is brand approval? 

Amazon requires all brands to be verified and approved before that they can let your products be listed on the marketplace. They need to approve any and all brands. They need to verify that and get proof that this is  a legitimate brand and not something that you're just making up off the top of your head. But even if you are, you can still get brand approval, you just have to follow the processes. 

So is there a difference between brand approval & brand registry? 

I’m so glad you asked! Yes, there is. 

They are definitely not the same. 

Brand registry has different requirements and brand approval has lesser requirements.

Brand Registry vs. Brand Approval

Brand registry eligibility requirements mean that you need a US trademark for your brand in order for it to be registered on Amazon. So you have to have a trademark for that, which means that you either need a word or a design mark or both, and they have to be registered with the trademark. You need custom packaging, real-life photos of your product and or your branding, and this is really the best level of protection. 

In order to get a detailed GTIN exemption, you need brand approval

And the significant way that it differs from brand registry is that you do not need a trademark in order to get brand approval. You're still going to need real-life photos of your packaging and or your product in order to show Amazon that is a legitimate brand and that you have the requirements. It doesn't require a trademark, but you're going to need either custom packaging or your logo and/or a trademark name. You don't need to trademark your custom brand name, whenever that is printed on your product and or package. 

Once you have your brand approval from Amazon, you're ready to apply for your GTIN exemption. 

The 4-Step Process for a GTIN Exemption on Amazon

The Brand

When you're applying, you need to choose the category of your products and you must type the brand exactly how you filed it for your brand approval. 

If it is not typed exactly, same caps or same special characters, whenever that is, it needs to be identical, otherwise, you will not be approved for your GTIN. 

Then you're going to click "check for eligibility", which then you'll see it'll say, "Continue to submit proof." 

If it says you're eligible, this means that you did submit your brand approval. 

If they did approve your brand, now you're filing for your GTIN exemption. 

The Proof

On the next page, you will need to upload 2-9 images of your custom packaging and or product with your brand name on it. 

Click the "continue to submit proof" button and then you're going to name your product. 

The Product / Bundle Name

This could be either you're name, the actual title you plan to use in the listing, or you can just name your product as is right here. 

I suggest using your entire listing title here, just so that there's no discrepancy between what you're trying to list to not. 

The Approval Process

The application will be complete and you can check 24 to 48 hours for review. 

In order to find out if your GTIN has been approved, you should be getting an email from Amazon. But if you don't, go to the add a product page and then scroll all the way down to the bottom and say, "Check a GTIN exemption eligibility or requests." And at that point, it will show you whether or not you've been approved or it's still under review. 

That’s all for getting GTIN approval. 

But if you are like me where you are a more visual guide, walking you step-by-step through the process…

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  • What is a GTIN exemption?
  • Do you need brand approval?
  • Brand Approval vs Brand Registry
  • The 4 Steps in Applying for a GTIN Exemption
  • Snag your FREE complete video step-by-step training with printable notes and documents. 


“You don’t have to sell well-known brands to profit on Amazon, but getting brand-approval and brand registered can set you apart from competitors and protect your product listings.” 

- Kristin Ostrander


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