AF317 - Amazon FBA Bundles: the right and wrong way to bundle on Amazon

In this podcast episode, Kristin Ostrander discusses the right and wrong way to bundle products on Amazon. She emphasizes the importance of following Amazon's bundle policies and rules, as well as the potential consequences of not doing so. Kristin also highlights the prevalence of false information and misguided advice surrounding bundling on Amazon. She advises sellers to focus on creating bundles that customers actually want and find convenient, and to conduct thorough research to understand customer preferences. The episode also touches on the risks of creating brand name bundles without consent and the importance of optimizing bundle listings for success.

Understanding Amazon's Bundle Policies 

Kristin emphasized the importance of understanding and adhering to Amazon's bundle policies. She highlighted the potential consequences of not doing so, which could range from policy violations to account health issues, and even potential suspension.

She also pointed out the prevalence of false information and misguided advice surrounding bundling on Amazon. It's crucial to familiarize yourself with Amazon's rules to address any issues that may arise. While Amazon may not always enforce their rules consistently, Kristin encourages sellers to stay within the set parameters to avoid trouble.

The Art of Creating Customer-Centric Bundles

Kristin explained that creating bundles on Amazon should not be a strategy to circumvent rules or eliminate competition. Instead, the focus should be on creating bundles that customers actually want and find convenient.

She gave an example of a guitar bundle, where all the necessary accessories are included. This makes it easier for customers to purchase everything they need in one package. She also emphasized the importance of conducting research to understand what customers are looking for and how they are purchasing items together.


The Risks of Brand Name Bundles 

Kristin specifically focused on the risks of creating brand name bundles without consent. Even if a brand name product seems popular and unrestricted, selling it in a bundle without permission can lead to trouble.

She advised against trying to get around the rules by using brand names without consent. However, she clarified that not all products require permission to be bundled. There are plenty of non-brand name items that customers search for on Amazon. She encouraged sellers to be creative and think outside the box when creating bundles, focusing on complementary items that enhance the customer's experience.

The Importance of Product Research and Development

Kristin highlighted the importance of conducting product research beyond just looking on Amazon. She encouraged sellers to explore other websites and platforms like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Google, Home Depot, Lowe's, and Target to see what products are popular and selling well.

She also emphasized the significance of having high-quality photos and a clear, precise title for the bundle listing. She advised against stuffing the title with irrelevant keywords and instead suggested using precise and descriptive language to accurately represent the bundle.

Patience and Optimization: The Key to Successful Bundling 

Finally, Kristin stressed the need for patience and optimization when launching a bundle. She advised sellers to make small changes over time and ensure their listing is well-optimized before investing in PPC advertising.

In conclusion, running a business on Amazon is not for everyone, but it can provide resources for a better life outside of business. It requires active involvement and the need to constantly bring new bundles to the table. But with the right approach, it can be a rewarding venture.







"Think about your customer, think about the person that's going to buy that item and why you're putting it together to begin with." - Kristin Ostrander




 Understanding Amazon's Bundle Policy [00:00:58]

The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding and adhering to Amazon's bundle policies and rules.


Holding Amazon Accountable [00:02:01]

The speaker discusses the benefits of quoting Amazon's policies back to them when facing issues and holding them accountable for upholding their own rules.


The Right and Wrong Way to Bundle Products on Amazon [00:04:05]

The speaker introduces the topic of the episode, discussing the right and wrong way to bundle products on Amazon and the potential consequences of not following the rules.


The importance of following Amazon's rules [00:09:07]

Speaker 1 discusses the need to understand and adhere to Amazon's rules and policies when creating bundles on the platform.


Creating bundles that customers want [00:10:14]

Speaker 1 explains the right way to create bundles by focusing on what customers want and how to research customer preferences and purchasing habits.


Avoiding the mistake of not following Amazon's policies [00:16:58]

Speaker 1 emphasizes the importance of not trying to get around Amazon's policies, such as selling branded bundles without written consent, and the potential consequences of not following the rules.


Brand Name Bundles Without Consent [00:19:02]

The speaker discusses the risks and consequences of creating brand name bundles on Amazon without obtaining written consent from the brand.


Account Suspension and Amazon Jail [00:20:14]

The speaker talks about the challenges and consequences of having an Amazon account suspended, including the potential loss of funds and the need for professional help to resolve the issue.


Finding Non-Branded Items to Bundle [00:23:08]

The speaker highlights the abundance of non-branded items that can be bundled on Amazon, emphasizing the importance of understanding customer search behavior and offering creative and unique bundles.


Topic 1: Importance of Product Research [00:29:25]

The speaker discusses the need to conduct thorough product research, including looking beyond Amazon and considering other websites and platforms for product ideas.


Topic 2: Mistakes in Bundle Photos and Titles [00:30:26]

The speaker emphasizes the significance of high-quality bundle photos and clear, precise titles, highlighting the impact they have on attracting customers and optimizing listings.


Topic 3: Avoiding Garbage Keywords in Titles [00:32:45]

The speaker advises against including irrelevant keywords in bundle titles, as it confuses Amazon's algorithm and hinders the visibility of the listing. They suggest using precise and relevant keywords to improve search rankings.



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